Weight Gainer Rankings - Best Mass Builders

Weight Gainer Rankings - Best Mass Builders

Fact: You’re having a hard time eating enough, gaining weight, or packing on quality muscle mass.

Chances are you are not getting the right amount of nutrients (calories, protein, carbs, fats, micro nutrients, etc) everyday to grow bigger, leaner, stronger, better, but that’s okay.

The fact that you’re here and ready to change means that one day, you will have what it takes to create a better looking body.

Weight gainers—also called mass gainers— are supplements specifically designed to help those who struggle with eating enough calories to grow.

They are the perfect muscle building supplement:

  • Packed with protein – improves recovery, boosts muscle repair, increases strength, boosts powder output, promotes lean muscle gains
  • Calorie dense – if you aren’t reaching your daily required amount of calories to grow you won’t grow period.
  • Ample carbohydrates – more energy for increased workout capacity and intensity
  • Good helping of healthy fats – improves cognitive function and focus, among other things.
  • Loaded with micro nutrients – tons of vitamins and minerals for better overall health

Growing and building a good looking body is not something that can be done quickly.

Weight gainers are the most effective supplement there is for muscle growth and mass building by a wide margin. They are not going away anything time.

With that in mind, we wanted to created a place where athletes could find the absolute best weight gainers on the market. Since there was no where else for athletes to look, we created this top 10 list. So here it is. We hope you like it.

1. Optimum Nutrition Pro Complex Gainer


Pro Complex Gainer
Optimum Nutrition
  • Quality protein blend that promote muscle growth and overall healthy weight gain
  • Significantly increase protein synthesis for faster lean weight gain
  • Designed to help you build mass
  • Awesome taste that makes supplementation VERY easy
  • Provides fuel and energy to your muscles that promotes increased strength and muscle repair

2. BSN True-Mass 1200


True-Mass 1200
  • Maximizes muscle growth naturally
  • High quality ingredient formula – lean calories, and packed full of protein
  • Thousands of positive user reviews
  • Great mix-ability and top-tier taste
  • Train longer and harder with more energy and focus

3. Universal Nutrition Real Gains


Real Gains
Universal Nutrition
  • Boosts muscle protein synthesis & decreases muscle breakdown
  • Provides critical fuel to your body to maintain muscle mass
  • Contains essential fats that your body needs for muscle recovery and growth
  • Boosts brain function and a host of other health benefits
  • One of the best tasting weight gainers on the market

4. iForce Nutrition Mass Gainz


Mass Gainz
iForce Nutrition
  • Supports optimal muscle growth and mass with high quality healthy protein
  • Increases muscle building and staves off muscle breakdown
  • Fuels your muscles with energy needed to perform at your best in the gym
  • Quality fats that aids joint and muscle recovery, and even keeps off body fat
  • Stimulates muscle protein synthesis for optimal mass gains

5. Muscletech Masstech


Mass Tech
  • Ample protein and fats to maximize muscle growth
  • Decreases muscle breakdown and promotes optimal mass gains
  • Feed muscles and fuels muscle recovery and repair
  • Easy to drink and really easy to mix
  • Provides special peptides and microfractions for better health and lean muscle gains

6. CytoSport CytoGainer


  • Clean nutrient profile with high amount of protein
  • Easy to drink formula, one of the best tasting, makes for easy supplementation
  • Promotes muscle recovery and reduces fatigue
  • Increases lean mass gains while promoting healthy weight gain
  • Variety of proteins to feed muscles for up to 8 hours

7. Arnold Schwarzenegger Series Iron Mass


Arnold Schwarzenegger Series
Iron Mass
  • Helps boost muscle growth, increase muscle repair, maximizes muscle growth and recovery, and helps build more lean muscle mass
  • Made using cold-processed microfiltration to keep protein safe and nutrient dense
  • Lean ingredient formula that focuses on lean protein for balanced weight gain
  • Promotes strength and increase capacity for intense workouts
  • 24 grams of Ultra-Microfiltered Whey Protein

8. Pro Supps IncrediBulk


Incredi Bulk
Professional Supplements
  • Powerful formula that for muscle recovery and growth
  • Protein blend designed to help you build muscle, recover faster, and train stronger
  • High amount of calories per serving to boost muscle and weight gain
  • Hundreds of positive user reviews – taste is very enjoyable and formula is easy to mix

9. Ronnie Coleman Signature Series King Mass XL


King Mass XL
Ronnie Coleman Signature Series
  • Great tasting protein with a very powerful mass gaining formula
  • Voted #1 best newest weight gainer on the market
  • Boosts muscle building, repair, and maintenance
  • Promote better muscle endurance and better muscle building
  • Made to boost muscle power, strength, endurance, and muscle growth

10. Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass


Serious Mass
Optimum Nutrition
  • Aside from helping you grow the extra nutrients will improve muscle strength and power production, increasing your performance in the gym
  • Stimulates muscle protein synthesis for optimal muscle growth
  • Perfect blend of proteins to better boost muscle power, strength, endurance, and muscle growth
  • Fuels your body with the energy needed to increase muscle strength, endurance, and boost training intesnity for faster and better muscle gains

Growing, building, and maintaining a healthy, good looking body isn’t something everyone is cut out to do.

It takes a lot of work especially for those of us who are hard-case little skinny dudes.

If you’re a hardgainer (find it difficult to put on weight ) you’re the one who needs to put in above average commitment and really push for what you want.

You have to really commit and take your foot off the parking break.

If you want to crush it, burn the boat, and start immediately doing whatever it takes to get what you want.

If you know you could use the help of a weight gainer, buy it. Don’t procrastinate. We spent hours putting this article together, we did all the research for you. So we’re asking you… take a chance on this.

We went by a very rigid and specific review methodology that brought our list from 60+ different weight gainer supplements down to the top 10. If your proteins down to the top 10. If your weight gainer supplement is missing from our list of 10, its most likely because it didn’t meet the requirements set within our review methodology.

If you would like more information take a closer look at your best weight gainer supplement article for more information.

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