Old School Labs Vintage Burn Review

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Old School Vintage Burn boasts some of the most advanced ingredients ever seen in a fat-burner, earning them a reputation as one of the top thermogenic supplements today. One thing to note,however, there is a very limited amount in supply due to its high demand, and finding a bottle may be difficult.

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February 21, 2015

The Good

More Than Just Fat Loss:

Vintage burn is one of the best thermogenic supplements, dosed optimally with Green Tea Extract, and Green Coffee Bean Extract, which encourages greater calorie and fat burning. Aside form just losing weight, these two ingredients will help promote muscle and joint health. This is why drinking green tea is very popular, however when you supplement the extract you get far more benefits and the absorption is far better than in regular tea form.

Lazer focus, high energy and increased vitality:

Vintage Burn uses the world recognized ingredient caffeine, Garcinia, and Raspberry Ketones, which will enhance alertness and increase brain function. These three ingredients alone will help you burn more calories at a much more effective rate than you would normally with no supplements. Credited with providing multitude of health benefits, like increased cognitive ability. There is a reason that the president of the united states, Theodore Roosevelt, drank up towards a gallon of coffee a day.

One of the few to utilize this traditional ingredient:

Bacopa Leaf Extract is a nootropic herb traditionally used in old school medicine to enhance longevity and cognitive enhancement. This ingredient alone will help reduce stress, anxiety, and improve memory. This will counter the jittery side-effects that the other thermogenics usually come with. Leaving you feeling refreshed and ready to attack the day head on.

Highly Effective and Easy to Use:

Old School Labs is a fairly new company and their supply if very limited because of its extreme popularity. Each bottle contains 120 capsules that you will use twice a day. The capsules are easy to swallow, no horse sized pills here. The capsules have a sweet taste them, so no nasty after taste either. If you are looking for the best thermogenic on the current market then its a must that you try Vintage Burn. Good Luck, its time to get shredded.

The Details

Old School Vintage Burn Ingredients

Servings Per Container 60
Serving Size 2 Capsules
Fat-Burning Blend
Green Tea Extract 330mg
Green Coffee Bean Extract 270mg
Raspberry Ketones 200mg
Olive Leaf Extract 160mg
Energy & Focus
Caffeine 150mg
Chrysin 100mg
Forskohlii Fruit Extract60mg
Bacopa Leaf Extract 130mg