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Cellucor Super HD is the ideal solution for any athlete who wants to kick start their weight loss journey. Their effective ingredient formula is very dependable according to thousands of user reviews. No matter what you’re looking for in a thermogenic, Cellucor Super HD has just about everything covered, including caffeine, yohimbine and other appetite suppressants.

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February 21, 2015

The Good

Untapped Fat Burning Potential:

Cellucor Super HD is a well-known thermogenic supplement with a strong reputation for transforming peoples lives. Its made with 160 mg of caffeine and an array of fat burning herbs, these together form to make a super potent formula. Expect increased focus and energy from just one easy to swallow capsule. If you are not yet taking cellucor super hd than you are obviously not serious about losing any weight.

Winner – Winner

Cellucor Super HD has won multiple awards on various bodybuilding websites. Ranging from best product of the year to best product in its category (fat-loss). While company reputation may not be as important to some of you, knowing that the supplement is actually effective and liked by thousands of users makes it a great choice. There is no denying that this product wont bring the results you are looking for, a top brand will bring a added peace of mind.

Energy and focus comes quickly and efficiently:

If you know anything about fat burners, you’ll know that rhodiola, rauwolsicine, and yohimbe are a few of the most effective weight loss ingredients. These 3 come together in super hd’s formula making it one of the strongest stimulants on the current market. If you’re are looking for something that is effective at helping you lose weight, than you better make sure your thermogenic can bring the ‘heat’.

Enhanced cognitive function:

Look, if you want to burn fat, you’re going to need the energy not only in the gym, but your brain will need to be on board as well. Cellucor hd has 160mg of caffeine, which is known for its cognitive enhancing abilities. Keep the mental focus and the body will follow, leading to faster results and an HD physique.

The Details

Cellucor Super HD Ingredients

Servings Per Container 60
Serving Size 2 Capsules
Fat-Burning Blend
Rauwolfia Extract
Rhodiola Rosea Extract
Yohimbe Extract
Amla Fruit Extract
Energy & Focus
Caffeine 160mg
Tyrosine 150mg
Red Pepper Fruit
Vitamin B12250mcg
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