Are there any side-effects that come with taking thermogenic supplements?

Thermogenic Supplements are known for their ability to help athletes burn excess fat and weight loss. However, there are a few side-effects that may come when supplementing these type of products. Side-effects will vary from person to person and they will depend on the type of ingredients used to formulate the supplement. Although thermogenic supplements have an array of benefits, it is important to fully understand them before leaping into supplementation. Below we have put together a list of the most common side effects that users run into while supplementing thermogenics. Note that this isn’t a comprehensive list, and it is important to know everyone will be affected differently.

Restlessness One of the most common side effects users run into when taking thermogenics is that they have difficultly falling asleep. Usually most of these products have high amounts of stimulants which leave you feeling energerized even when you don’t want to be. Taking them in the mornings will help reduce this problem. If possible, avoid taking these supplements 6hrs before your bed time.

Mild Anxiety. Many of the thermogenics on the current market contain ingredients like yohimbine,and caffeine which research shows may cause mild anxiety in some users. If you’re already prone to being anxious and have a hard time anxiety, you may want to avoid these products or switch to taking a stimfree product.

Loss of Appetite. If your thermogenic supplement uses stimulants, expect to see a decrease of cravings and appetite. You may have to force yourself to have a meal, the high amount of stimulants can cause you to skip meals which could be a good or a bad thing.

Increased Perspiration. It can be common for many individuals to start noticing an increase in perspiration. Thermogenics increase your body temperature and heart rate, this can cause you to start sweating even when you’re in a relaxed state. Take note that this may not happen to everyone, if this is something you’re worried about, you may want to avoid taking these supplements.

Caffeine Tolerance. At some point your body will begin to form a tolerance against caffeine. What this does is it makes your body immune to the effects of caffeine. That being said, your body will not benefit from the increased energy,focus, and fat burning. Take a short break from consuming caffeine to help your body adjust.

While the side effects are not severe, it is still good to be cautious when supplementing thermogenics. Note that this isn’t a end all, be all list, and some users may experience different types of side effects depending on how your individual body reacts to them. Each product is also formulated differently and it is important to pay close attention to the ingredient label. The ingredients will be a key indicator of what kind of side-effects you should expect. Stay safe. Do your research. Stay stronger.

February 18, 2015