10 Best Tart Cherry Supplements in 2020

Best Tart Cherry Supplements
Top 10 Rated Tart Cherry Supplement Brands

Onlinestrength reviewed the 32 top selling tart cherry supplements in the United States. After nearly 7 months of research since 2015, we think Sports Research Tart Cherry Concentrate is the best tart cherry supplement brand for most people. Below you will find our rankings of the top 10 best tart cherry supplements for 2020.

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The Best Tart Cherry Supplements

1. Sports Research Tart Cherry Concentrate

Sports Research Tart Cherry Concentrate - Review

Sports Research Tart Cherry Concentrate passed our quality review and recorded 800 mg of organic tart cherry (whole fruit) per serving.


  • Made from Organic Montmorency Tart Cherries
  • Formulated without additives
  • Contains powerful Phytonutrients and Anthocyanins properties
  • Non-GMO ingredient formula
  • Rated as one of the strongest tart cherry brands on the market by customers

What’s in it: One serving contains 800 mg of Organic Tart Cherry Whole Fruit.

Other Ingredients: Organic extra virgin olive oil, organic yellow beeswax, softgel capsule (kosher gelatin, kosher vegetable glycerin, purified water).


2. Solaray Tart Cherry

Solaray Tart Cherry

Solaray Tart Cherry passed our quality reviews and recorded 800 mg of tart cherry (prunus cerasus) and 6.8 mg anthocyanins per serving.


  • Affordable and effective brand
  • Vegetable Capsules
  • Contains a standardized amount of anthocyanins per serving.
  • Standardized to contain 0.8% anthocyanin concentration

What’s in it: One serving contains 850 mg of Tart Cherry (Prunus cerasus) (fruit extract) recording 6.8 mg of anthocyanins.

Other Ingredients: Maltodextrin (from Non-GMO corn), vegetable cellulose capsule, silica, organic rice extract blend and cellulose.

Full Breakdown: Solaray Tart Cherry Review


3. Nature’s Life Tart Cherry

Nature’s Life Tart Cherry

This product passed our quality review and recorded 1200 mg of tart cherry (prunus cerasus) and 10 mg of anthocyanins per serving.


  • Affordable tart cherry tablets
  • 0.8% anthocyanins per serving
  • 1,200 mg of tart cherry
  • Tablet form
  • Silica content is labeled

What’s in it: One serving contains 1,200 mg of Tart Cherry (Prunus cerasus) (fruit extract) recording 10 mg of anthocyanins.

Other Ingredients:Cellulose, Silica, Stearic Acid and Magnesium Stearate.

Full Breakdown: Nature’s Life Tart Cherry Review


4. Eclectic Institute Berry Tart Cherry

Eclectic Institute Berry Tart Cherry

Eclectic Institute Berry Tart Cherry formulation delivers 4400 mg of tart cherry (prunus cerasus) per serving, however, this product does not label or disclose the amount of Anthocyanins.


  • Glass container
  • Wholefood powder
  • Contains multiple herbs in this formula
  • raw and free-dried

What’s in it: One serving contains 4400 mg of Tart Cherry (Prunus cerasus), 4000 mg of blackberry fruit, and 600 mg of stinging nettle leaf.

Full Breakdown: Eclectic Institute Berry Tart Cherry Review


5. Solgar Tart Cherry


Solgar Tart Cherry passed our quality review and recorded 250 mg of tart cherry extract per serving. This popular brand can be found in most health food stores including WholeFoods. However the one down side of this tart cherry supplement is that the anthocyanins content is unknown as the brand does not label it.


  • Glass container
  • Trusted Brand that has been around for many years
  • Availability is high and can be found in many retail stores.

What’s in it: One serving contains 250 mg of Tart Cherry (Prunus cerasus) (fruit extract).

Other Ingredients: Microcrystalline Cellulose, Vegetable Cellulose, Silica, Vegetable Magnesium Stearate.

Full Breakdown: Solgar Tart Cherry Review


6. Carlson Labs Tart Cherry


If you want to keep things simple and are looking to buy a tart cherry supplement that you can find easily in retail stores, Carlson Labs Tart Cherry is a great choice. 

The CherryPURE formulation is present too, but that is just a well known branded version of tart cherry that many customers have grown to like.


7. Thompson Tart Cherry


If mainstream and over priced organic tart cherry supplements aren’t something you want to get into right away, think about giving Thompson Tart Cherry a try. The Thompson brand, which has a long reputation for simple and effective supplements, keeps the tradition going with this simplistic tart cherry supplement.

If uses naturally-sourced tart cherry, and it doesn’t add in any of the extras like some of the other brands out there. While top-shelf supplements are probably the best place to end up at, it’s good to have an inexpensive fall-back brand that you can trust. 


8. Swanson Tart Cherry


Swanson Tart Cherry combines the simplest tart cherry ingredients into gelatin based capsules and ships them out to the market. 

This brand is very popular, not because they are cheap and affordable but all their products are routinely 3rd party tested and they follow strict guidelines. However, the brand can have mixed reviews; part of the community loves and trusts the brand, while others would rather have organic, and higher quality ingredients.

The brand offers some of the cheapest priced supplements on the market, while they might not suit everyone (gelatin capsules) they can come in handy especially when buying supplements in bulk, but if you want higher quality, there are better options. 


9. Vitacost Tart Cherry Extract


Vitacost has been one of the few brands of supplement makers to stick around for years, 25 years to be exact, but it’s formulation of their tart cherry supplement has not stayed the same through the years. Because of a series of changes to the ingredient formula, this brand of tart cherry can be a hit or miss for many users. Currently their ingredient formula includes grade seed which some users don’t need or want to take.

In modern times you have the option to choose which brand you buy, that being said, Vitacost Tart Cherry Extract​ is an okay product but there are better options. ​​


10. Zhou Nutrition Tart Cherry Extract

Zhou Nutrition Tart Cherry Extract Review -
Top rated tart cherry extract brand

Zhou Nutrition Tart Cherry Extract has grown in popularity over the years, especially since we first reviewed this product a couple years ago. Since then this brand has found its way into many retail stores, providing a way for customers to get potent tart cherry extracts in their supplements, which you will have trouble finding anywhere else. 

Contains 1000 mg of  tart cherry extract per 2 capsule serving size, each serving containing .8% Anthocyanins . Many other brands on the market fail to label or provide accurate data on the amount of anthocyanins in their tart cherry extracts. 

The high quality tart cherry source and the excellent availability make it a great choice for users looking for a potent tart cherry extract that contains 8 mg of an anthocyanins.



Tart cherry supplements make it very easy to supplement tart cherries into your diet without having to over spend on cherries, especially the organic kind. Also cherries are not in season all year round and can be quite expensive at the store when in season. Tart cherry supplements are great for users looking to reap the benefits of tart cherry supplements without having to break the bank. Refer to our benefits section to get a quick look at what this little cherry can do for you.
The most important feature, of course, is the effectiveness. Be sure that the supplement you are buying contains anthocyanins, studies show 80 mg of anthocyanins per serving is the recommend dosage for the most benefits of tart cherries. Anything less than that can give you mix results, often making the product ineffective. Beyond that, make sure the product has a vegetable based capsule. The rule we use at onlinestrength is, if its a plant, make sure its the capsule is a plant too. Often gelatin based capsules can cause some unneeded side-effects in users, and often the capsules are overlooked as the culprit. We kept these criteria in mind when we were reviewing tart cherry products, so our top 10 rankings is a good starting point in your search for the perfect supplement.
More often than not, supplements tend to be the most effective and more efficient way to maximize the benefits of tart cherries. Tart cherry juice tends to be more readily available and can be found easily in the juice isles of most stores. It does hold many benefits, but if you are looking to test tart cherry for yourself, go with the supplement version as its easier to know how much you are taking in daily.