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Probiotic Summary

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Probiotics are live microorganisms that when supplemented in adequate amounts (billions of CFUs), confer a ton of health benefits to the host.

Probiotics are healthy bacteria that help the body keep the stomach and intestines healthy and working optimally. These live microorganism colonize the gut and provide beneficial effects.

Some of probiotic supplementation benefits include:

  • Helps your body digest food allowing for less energy consumption during the digestion process.
  • Improves energy and overall health and well being
  • Improves and promotes optimal intestinal health
  • Improves immune system health preventing colds and acute respiratory infections
  • Helps prevent chronic diseases like cancer, high blood pressure, and diabetes
  • Improves mental health and cognition
  • Reduces stomach related issues caused by anti-biotics
  • Aids healthy weight loss and fat loss
  • Reduces anxiety and depression
  • Destorys toxins released by bad bacteria, improving immune system health
  • Helps protect the body from infections
  • Strengthens mucus in your intenstine,  helping to fight infection
  • Improves production of B vitmains, improving health of skin, nails, nervous system, and overall health.
  • Decreases bloating and gastrointestinal issues.
  • Decreases inflammation

Things to Know About Probiotics

Probiotic Is Also Known As

Synbiotic, B. bifidus; Bifidobacterium; L. acidophilus; L. bulgaricus; L. casei; L. gasseri; L. reuteri; L. plantarum; L. sakei;Lactobacillus; Lactobacillus GG; Lactobacillus LB; Probiotics; S. salivarius; S. thermophilus; Saccharomyces boulardii

Things to note about Probiotics

  • If you eat a lot of foods that are grown or fed with anti-biotics such as non pasture raised poultry, supplementation of a probiotic can help off set the negative health effects of eating low quality meats and/or foods.
  • When searching for a good probiotic the following ingredients are recommended:
    • Lactobacillus acidophilus
    • Lactobacillus casei
    • Lactobacillus reuteri
    • Lactobacillus plantarum
    • Lactobacillus rhamnosus
    • Bifidobacterium animalis
    • Bifidobacterium infantis
    • Bifidobacterium lactis
    • Bifidobacterium longum

How To Take Probiotics

Recommended Probiotic dosage, active amounts, other details

Dosages of probiotics are measured or expressed in billions of organisms and not in grams or milligrams are lost supplements.

The standard daily dose should supply about 1 to 15 billion (CFUs) live organisms.

Research states that probiotics will typically survive for only a few days to about 3 weeks in your system after you stop supplementation. It is recommended that probiotics should be taken at an ongoing basis for overall health and wellness.

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