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Mr.Hyde has one of the most generous amounts of stimulants in the entire industry, allowing users to reach their maximum potential on every exercise. With close to 400mg of caffeine per serving, along with an effective dose of yohimbine, this makes for one highly potent mixture. Caffeine content of this magnitude isn’t found in every pre workout, making it great for those searching for a highly potent product.


Pro Supps Mr.Hyde is formulated with only the highest quality and well researched science-based ingredients. No unnecessary extras, just pure efficiency. An all around great pre-workout supplement. High amount of energy, focus, and increases in muscle strength and endurance.


Mr. Hyde, unlike many pre-workouts, label each of their ingredients with the exact amount of which you will get per serving. Labeling the amount of caffeine, beta-alanine, amino acids, creatine, helps determine exactly how much more or less you need to intake to get maximum benefits. If you need to count all of your macros down to the supplements, knowing exactly whats in your pre workout is a huge plus.

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Serving Size 1 Scoop (7.1g)
Price/Serving $0.82
Quality Review pass


419 mg of caffeine per serving

No. The brand has changed things around. The old mr. hyde formula has left the building and has been replaced by new formulas like MR. HYDE SIGNATURE

Yes. This formula of Mr. Hyde by Pro Supps does have 1 g of creatine per serving.

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