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Cellucor C4 50x XCelicor is a made specifically for the more serious and advanced athletes. Formulated to be 50% more powerful and more potent than the basic level c4 extreme formula. Expect increases in muscular strength, endurance,reduction in fatigue, more energy, bigger muscle pumps, and overall better physique progression in the long term.


Cellucor C4 50x XCelicor is super potent and packed with science-backed ingredients proven to enhance  performance. Expect to have better muscle endurance and bigger muscle pumps. You’ll have less muscle fatigue and a boost in muscle performance. And you should see greater strength, endurance and muscle growth. Overall your mental focus and mind-muscle connection will enhance your ability to stay focused and driven through the duration of your whole workout.  This pre-workout has what it takes to support an advanced leveled athlete.


Great muscle pumps, improved blood flow for more oxygen and nutrient delivery, more muscle endurance and strength. Overall Cellucor C4 50x XCelicor has a great ingredient profile that won’t disappoint.

The Details
Serving Size 1 Scoop (9g)
Price/Serving $1.30
Quality Review pass


Each serving only contains 200 mg of caffeine per serving

No. This product has been replaced by other products in the Celluor line.

Yes. This preworkout does contain creatine in it's ingredient formula.


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