What are the benefits of taking a post-workout supplement?

Even if you are unsure about whether or not you should take a post-workout supplement, there are a variety of reasons why it’s a good idea to start supplementation of a post workout. If you are fairly new to training, you will most likely experience intense soreness after every workout. Similarly, those who have been training for a long time may not be seeing the results they want from all of their hard work in the gym. Post-workout supplements have the required nutrients that may help reduce soreness, reduce fatigue, increase muscle protein synthesis, add lean muscle mass, and potentially help burn fat. The truth is, nothing replaces proper rest and proper nutrition. However, there is nothing wrong with helping your body maximize its potential in building a better, stronger you. Below are some popular reasons why you might what to consider a post workout supplement.

Top Reasons Why Post Workout Supplements Are A Good Idea

Maximize Muscle Growth And Recovery. In order for your body to properly grow and repair itself post workout, it’s going to need fast carbs along with protein immediately after workouts. At a bare minimum, you should have some branched-chain amino acids to spike muscle protein synthesis. (muscle growth and repair)

Restores Muscle Glycogen. When you workout your body will require an immense amounts of energy. It gets its energy from glycogen, this is the main fuel source for your body. After an intense workout you will be depleted of glycogen, without replenishing glycogen levels, you will start to feel more fatigue and lower levels of all around energy.

More Lean Muscle Mass. After a strength training routine, your body will start to rebuild microscopic tears in your muscles. Without proper nutrition they won’t be able to maximize the repair, slowing recovery and minimizing overall strength and muscle gains.

Improved Muscle Strength And Endurance. Just because you may be fueling your body with maximum nutritional intake doesn’t mean there’s no room for more improvement. If you want to maximize your efforts, a post workout supplement is definitely recommended.

February 21, 2015
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