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RSP Nutrition ReGen is great for athletes looking to add essential nutrients to their post workout nutrition. Athletes looking for a nonproprietary blend supplement might want to look elsewhere, though.

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February 21, 2015

The Good

Effective ingredient blend:

RSP Nutrition ReGen gives you several the most effective ingredients that will enhance the results you get from taking your post-workout supplement. Made with a good dose of branched-chain amino acids, Citrulline, agmatine, glutamine and to tie it all together RSP implements a precursor. Branched-chain amino acids taken post-workout helps your body stimulate muscle protein synthesis as well as increasing insulin release which helps drive the other ingredients into your muscle cells. Glutamine helps with muscle recovery and growth as well as keeping your immune system strong, your immune system may be compromised after your body is depleted of vital nutrients from intense training.

Bioperine as a precursor:

Bioperine Is a patented extract of the fruit of black pepper, and this fruit contains a good amount of the active ingredient piperine. This is used in post workout supplements to increase the absorption rates of the other ingredients. Studies suggest that this helps increase absorption rates from 30% all the way to 2000%.

Excellent choice of flavors:

RSP Nutrition ReGen Gives you the choice of taking from several different flavors. Fruit punch, lemon lime, pomegranate, watermelon, and even an unflavored product. All flavors have a high satisfaction rate according to previous users on Amazon and bodybuilding websites. This is perfect for those who want to stick with a certain company while still being able to keep things fresh and exciting, since we know supplements can get pretty mundane after a while.

Excellent taste and mixed ability:

RSP Nutrition ReGen integrates effective ingredients with a very soluble and tasty product. This helps you to stay on track with supplementation, which in the long run will yield the most results. Previous users have noted that the product mixes really well in any liquid of your choice and any flavor you decide to go with won’t disappoint. This feature is important for those who prefer not to drink something that doesn’t taste good.

Fairly new but fast-growing company:

RSP Nutrition Is a fairly new company in the supplement industry but is making a lot of noise, winning the award of breakout brand of the year in 2014 from

Easily reachable and open to inquiries:

RSP Nutrition is easily reachable for any inquiries or questions you may have about their supplements. They are very active on a lot of social media networks including Instagram and twitter, there you can ask more simple questions and get them answered fairly quickly. They also have email support and are reachable by telephone for more complicated or detailed questions.

The Bad

Ingredient blend minimalistic:

RSP Nutrition ReGen Is pretty limited when it comes to its nutritional formula, only having several of the most effective ingredients. If you are looking for an overall product, you may want to find one that has carbohydrates, protein, creatine, and beta alanine. Most of these ingredients you are probably getting from your pre-workout and intra-workout supplements and may not be necessary in your post-workout. Depending on what you’re looking for this could be the right product for you or you may need something a little more powerful.

Proprietary blend:

RSP Nutrition ReGen Comes in a proprietary blend, which isn’t the greatest choice on their part. This is where it gets a bit tricky, especially if you are counting macro and micro nutrients. This product may not be for you if you are someone who likes to keep track of what is going in your body and the amount of ingredients you are supplementing. Since it is important you get the correct dosage of each ingredient post-workout, not knowing this information could be detrimental to your results. Judging by the ingredient label you are probably going to need one to three servings for maximum results depending on your body composition.

The Details

RSP Nutrition ReGen Ingredients

Servings Per Container 50
Serving Size 5.6g
Performance Ingredients
BCAA Blend
Black Pepper Extract