Pacific Health Endurox R4 Review

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Pacific Health Endurox R4 is the ideal product for athletes who want a simplistic post workout supplement that enhances muscle recovery. While it doesn’t offer all that performance enhancing ingredients of more traditional post workouts, it remains a popular choice for many athletes.

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February 21, 2015

The Good

Replenishes muscle glycogen levels quickly:

Pacific Health Endurox R4 uses a fast digesting carbohydrate, dextrose, which is the most effective postworkout carbohydrates available. Research suggests that taking dextrose postworkout will replenish muscle glycogen levels and enhance the uptake the other ingredients found in this post-workout supplement. After workouts a fast digesting carb is one of the most important nutrients to ingest, dextrose does not need to be digested by your body, it goes straight into your blood immediately. This will improve muscle recovery, growth, and reduce postworkout fatigue.

Enhanced muscle endurance:

MRM Natural Reload is formulated with ingredient beta alanine which is shown to enhance muscle endurance and improve recovery. the alanine supplementation can also improve cardiovascular exercise performance, which is great for your cardio workout days. However, the recommended dose for beta alanine is 2 to 5 g daily, MRM Natural Reload has only 500 mg per serving, so that is why three scoops is the average serving size for this product.

Improved muscle repair and growth:

Pacific Health Endurox R4 is made with high-quality fast digesting whey protein. This is perfect after intense workout because whey protein is absorbed faster than any other forms of protein, which will increase muscle protein synthesis.This will result in faster muscle repair and a reduction in muscle soreness. With continuous supplementation of Pacific Health Endurox R4 expect to see a reduction in muscle soreness and an increase of lean muscle gains.

Amazing taste and mixability:

Pacific Health Endurox R4 comes in several amazing flavors, lemon lime, citrus orange, fruit punch, vanilla, and chocolate, all of which are highly rated by users. Pacific Health Endurox R4’s solubility levels are also five-star, this will help with postworkout supplementation, expect an easy to drink supplement.

The Bad

Fairly limited ingredient profile:

Pacific Health Endurox R4 is an exceptional post workout supplement in most respects. However, it does lack several highly effective ingredients that can really boost postworkout nutrition. Ingredients like beta alanine, citrulline, and creatine, can improve your overall strength, endurance, and cardiovascular health. This is not possible with Pacific Health Endurox R4 since it’s only formulated around protein and fast digesting carbohydrates. If the idea of having a supplement that attacks postworkout nutrition from several different angles, Muscle Pharm Recon is a very good option worth considering. This supplement delivers protein, carbohydrates and several of these essential ingredients to help maximize your post workout results.

The Details

Pacific Health Endurox R4 Ingredients

Servings Per Container 14
Serving Size 75g
Performance Ingredients
Protein 52g
Carbohydrates 52g
Glutamine 420mg