Optimum Nutrition BCAA Pro Review

Rating: 5 (out of 5)
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Optimum Nutrition BCAA Pro is great for athletes looking to add branched-chain amino acids and glutamine into their post workout nutrition. However, if you’re looking for something more than just BCAAs this product may not be the right fit for you.

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February 18, 2015

The Good

Increases protein synthesis:

Optimum Nutrition BCAA Pro is packed with 8 g of branched-chain amino acids giving your body the required nutrition that it needs to kickstart protein synthesis after an intense workout. Amino acids are best as a post-workout supplement. After an intense workout, your muscles are craving nutrients. BCAAs will promote muscle growth and can help prevent fatigue. Pension amino acids are important to be ingested on daily basis, but if you are sufficiently meeting your protein intake you won’t have to worry so much about this.

Intestinal and immune system health:

Glutamine is very effective at protecting your immune system after it is compromised during and after an intense workout. Your body is most assessment of illness while his defenses are down. Taking glutamine post workout will help keep your training on track. Glutamine will also help with muscle recovery and growth.

Great taste and easily mixed:

Optimum Nutrition BCAA Pro comes in many different flavors ranging from fruit punch, peach mango, is eliminated, and even an unflavored product. Previous users report that makes ability is not an issue and all flavors are good options. This feature is important for those who like to keep things fresh and also like a tasty drink postworkout. However, this doesn’t make a product more effective, it just gives you that added peace of mind that you will actually enjoy taking your supplement.

Reputable supplement company:

Optimum Nutrition has been one of the leading supplement providers for athletes for many years. For example their products have won manyawards for outstanding customer service and products. If you have any questions regarding the products, they are easily reached via their official website by email or even telephone. They are highly active on all social media profiles like Twitter and Facebook, then you can get simple inquiries answered fairly quickly.

The Bad

Limited ingredient formula:

If you’re looking for overall grades post workout supplement that contains protein, carbohydrates,beta-alanine, etc, this product may not be for you. Optimum Nutrition BCAA Pro is made for those who have a solid diet and don’t require any additional nutrients from their supplements. Those athletes who are looking for that overall go to product will have to find a different supplement to help them on their journey. However, stacking this post workout supplement with the others in your arsenal may be still a good option.

The Details

Optimum Nutrition BCAA Pro Ingredients

Servings Per Container 20
Serving Size 19.5g
Performance Ingredients
Glutamine 5g
BCAA Blend
Leucine 4g
Isoleucine 2g
Valine 2g