Myogenix Aftershock Recovery Review

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Myogenix Aftershock Recovery has earned a reputation for being one of the better post workout supplements in the industry with their great ingredient blend, excellent customer support, solid taste and solubility.

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February 21, 2015

The Good

Solid nutritional profile:

Myogenix Aftershock Recovery is made with a few of the most effective ingredients that you need in your post-workout supplement. Packed with protein, carbohydrates, glutamine, creatine, L-arginine, and branched-chain amino acids, combined these will help you maximize your results after intense workout. However, if you looking to limit your carbohydrate intake this product may not be for you, although it is recommended that you take in fast digesting carbs post workout for optimal muscle repair. Look to cut carbs elsewhere in your diet.

High-quality taste and solubility for improved supplementation:

If you’re looking for a post workout supplement that is effective and still tastes and mixes well my Myogenix aftershock recovery has these areas covered. This should resolve any issues you may have with supplementation resulting from a bad tasting product. A feature like this is most useful for individuals who have issues with product flavoring, which results in discontinuation of supplementation.

Great performance benefits:

Myogenix Aftershock Recovery has the required ingredients to limit soreness, improve recovery, aid in lean muscle gains, fight fatigue, and increase overall strength and muscle endurance. A solid dose of glutamine will help stabilize your immune system after an intense workout, keeping health in optimal condition. Fast digesting carbs, creatine and protein is a surefire way to promote optimal muscle repair. Branch chain amino acids will help stimulate muscle protein synthesis (muscle growth) also spiking insulin release which will help absorption rates of the other ingredients. These performance benefits will help you maximize your results when paired with proper
nutritional diet.

Get help anytime you need it:

Myogenix representatives are standing by 24/7 to assist you with any questions or issues that you may have with your supplement. They can be reached by telephone, by email, and even social media for any quick questions that may arise. This doesn’t make a post-workout better or worse, but a company that takes the extra step in assuring customer satisfaction is always a plus.

The Bad

No effective precursor:

Precursors are not common, but a few of the best post workouts will implement a precursor that helps increase the absorption rates drastically. Myogenix Aftershock Recovery is not the only post workout supplement to not implement a precursor, and we have found that finding a post workout that does have this, though, is rather difficult. If you’re looking to attack your post-workout nutrition from all angles, finding a post-workout that does implement this may be a good idea. That being said Myogenix Aftershock Recovery has a solid ingredient profile that will suit any athlete, newcomer or veteran and is worth adding into your post-workout routine.

Limited learning materials:

Myogenix doesn’t provide any additional fitness knowledge to their community. This doesn’t necessarily mean the product is bad but when a company takes the extra time to make quality content, it shows that they are not just there to sell their products.

The Details

Myogenix Aftershock Recovery Ingredients

Servings Per Container 15
Serving Size 80g
Performance Ingredients
Protein 3400mg
Carbohydrates 3500mg
BCAA Blend
Leucine 3450mg
Isoleucine 1850mg
Valine 1850mg