MuscleTech MyoBuild Review

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MuscleTech MyoBuild postworkout supplement puts emphasis on using the most effective ingredients in their formula. One of the few products to use almost all of the most well researched ingredients makes this one of the best post workouts in the industry. However, the dosages of these ingredients are on the small side so you’ll have to use more product to reach maximum effectiveness.

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February 21, 2015

The Good

Excellent performance benefits:

MuscleTech MyoBuild has all of the required ingredients that you would want to find in a post-workout supplement. MuscleTech MyoBuild gives you maximum performance benefits that you will need to maximize your growth. You will see a reduction in fatigue and improved recovery times allowing you to be in the gym more frequently. This post workout has the potential to increase your overall lean muscle gains and the ability to help burn fat. After several days of supplementation, your overall strength and endurance will increase. Expect to see overall improvements in many aspects of your health.

Increases protein synthesis and muscle growth:

MuscleTech MyoBuild uses branch-chain amino acids to kick start protein synthesis (muscle growth). MyoBuild also incorporates the ingredient Betaine, which is also suggested to increase protein synthesis which can lead to greater muscle growth in the long term. Clinical studies also suggest that Betaine can improve muscle strength and power production.

Improvements in strength and muscle endurance:

Made with creatine and beta alanine, these two ingredients will increase your overall strength and muscle endurance. One of the best times to take creatine and beta-alanine is after workouts, studies suggest that this is the most effective time for maximum results. Creatine is not limited to just the strength benefits but also has a lot of cardioprotective properties. With continual supplementation expect to see an increase of lean body mass and exercise capacity.

Great ingredient formula:

There are only so many ingredients that are proven to actually help you post workout. MuscleTech MyoBuild uses pretty much all of the ingredients proven to maximize results. However,it does not incorporate protein or fast digesting carbs. These two are most important post workout and if you are not getting them through your diet you may need a different product or look to increase your dietary macros from food.

Great taste and mix ability:

With MuscleTech MyoBuild, you can expect that the product will mix fairly easily and tastes great. previous users from websites that Amazon about building have reported that this product passes this test with flying colors. If you are someone who is sensitive to products that don’t taste well, this feature will be a huge help.

The Bad

Small ingredient dosages:

MuscleTech MyoBuild has one of the best nutritional formulas that you can get currently on the market for a postworkout. However, the dosages of these ingredients are fairly small, and you may need to take more than one scoop to gain the full benefits of this product. For those who are tight on money this can be an issue since you will probably go through the product at a faster rate. If price is something that doesn’t bother you as much, MuscleTech MyoBuild has all the necessary ingredients to help maximize your results and is highly recommended for anyone looking to improve their physique.

The Details

MuscleTech MyoBuild Ingredients

Servings Per Container 20
Serving Size 19.5g
Performance Ingredients
L-carnitine 2818mg
Creatine HCL 1500mg
Betaine 1250mg
Glutamine 1000mg
Ashwagandha 125mg
Rhodiola 50mg
BCAA Blend
Leucine 900mg
Isoleucine 375mg
Valine 375mg