Are there any side effects to be aware of when taking post workout supplements?

It depends on the product, but most post-workout supplements will generally be made up of similar ingredients and most likely similar side-effects. To fully understand what side effects may come with taking a post robust supplement you have to look at the ingredient label. For example, if your post workout supplement has creatine or beta alanine, stomach cramping and a harmless tingling feeling may be a side effect of those ingredients. However, most post workout supplement side effects are easily avoidable if instructions are followed correctly. Below we will go through several side effects that may or may not be a symptom of a few of the ingredients found in these products.

Top Side Effects That You Should Be Aware Of

Stomach Cramping. Stomach cramping is one of the most common side effect. For example, if your product has creatine and you are not sufficiently hydrated you can expect to suffer from stomach cramps. Similarly, if too much product is ingested at once, you may experience diarrhea.

Paresthesia. If your post workout has the ingredients beta alanine, you can expect to feel a harmless side effect called paresthesia. It may cause a harmless tingling feeling throughout your body. For example, it feels like a less intense version of when your foot falls asleep.

Diarrhea. After an intense workout or if you are in a fasted state, ingesting a post workout all at once could cause your stomach to get upset. A few of the ingredients depending on which product you are using may cause diarrhea. This can be avoided if proper supplementation is followed.

Weight Gain. if you are taking a post workout supplement with carbs and protein expect to gain weight. Of course, this only applies if the calorie intake takes you over your maintenance. Just be aware that post workout supplements may have calories. Now, weight gain doesn’t mean fat gain; it could also mean weight gain from lean muscle mass.

This list is by no means comprehensive. You may experience different side effects depending on several factors. It is hard to know the exact answers to what you may experience when you take a post workout supplement. If you’re looking for something with the least amount of side effects, it’s worth taking the time to research the ingredients in your post workout supplement to know exactly what is to come.

February 21, 2015
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