The Best Oil Of Oregano: Top 10 Brands Reviewed for 2020

Best Oil of Oregano Supplement

Best Oil Of Oregano Supplement Brands

Oil of Oregano (Origanum vulgare) is sourced from the oregano plant and is supplemented for its anti-inflammatory and immune system boosting properties.

Onlinestrength analyzed 10 best-selling Olive Leaf supplements in the United States, following a strict review methodology that cross-checked every single ingredients to ensure that the highest ranking product (s) passed all department of health, FDA, and other scientific journal guidelines.

Products were inspected for two things: artificial preservatives and coloring agents. Products received reduced ingredient quality rankings for presence of key watchlist ingredients including preservatives and coloring agents.

The highest ranking product(s) passed all ingredient quality standards, had ingredients sourced from organic farms, and used plant-based capsules with zero preservatives or binder ingredients.


All Benefits/Effects/Facts & Information

Oil of Oregano contains distilled extract from the herb oregano and contains a predominant healing compound called carvacrol.

The antibacterial properties in oil of Oreganum vulgare are effective at warding off illness, infection, and bolstering the immune system.

Supplementation of Oil of Oregano can help fight off bacteria or fungus that can grow within your system which can lead to fungal infections.

Most often used to bring in vital nutrients into the body to help prevent unnecessary sickness such as the common cold or flu.

Generally recognized as safe by the (FDA) and US Food and Drug Administration.

Things to Know

Also Known As

Origanum vulgare, Wild marjoram, Mediterranean oregano

Things to note

  • Oil of oregano can be supplement to help reduce stomach cramps
  • Supplementation can help reduce bacteria and inflammation within the body which can be the main cause of main health aliments such as acne, digestion problems, joint pain, skin health, and muscle cramping.

How To Take

Recommended dosage, active amounts, other details

You can make tea out of dried oregano leaf which can be consumed three times a day.

Extract dosage of Oil of Oregano’s is currently unavailable due to limited clinical research studies.

For best results follow extract product label instructions.

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