Gaia Herbs Maca Root Capsules Review

Gaia Herbs Maca Root Capsules
Gaia Herbs Maca Root Capsules
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Maca Root Powder (Lepidium meyenii) Capsule (vegetable cellulose)

Gaia Herbs Maca Root Capsules gets it right when it comes to ingredient profiles.

Nothing you don’t want as you can see by the simple ingredient formula


If you’re debating maca powder or capsules, Gaia Herbs Maca Root Capsules are a good place to start.

It’s a great entry level into maca supplementation as it has a clean ingredient profile.

Also it is often found in many health sections at your local grocery store if you live in the United States, making it an easy way for you to try it quicker than ordering it on amazon.

However if you consider yourself an advanced supplement taker, this maca product won’t pack the punch you are looking for as it only comes in at 500 mg of maca per serving.


Gaia Herbs does a good job when it comes it overall quality. They check off most boxes that you want to see in your supplements with ease.

The Details
Serving Size 1 Capsule
Price/Serving $0.16
Maca/Serving 500 mg
Quality Review pass

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