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Best Lithium Supplement Brands


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Lithium is an alkali metal that has commonly been used for the treatment of manic depressive disorder (previously known as bipolar I and II disorders). As a treatment for manic depressive disorder, lithium helps to stabilize mood and prevent periods of extreme mania and/or depression. It also helps to promote proper function of serotonin and dopamine.

Aside from its use as a medical therapy, research now shows that lithium can potentially provide certain health benefits and promote overall brain function. Due to its ability to help regulate mood, lithium in the form of lithium orotate (different from prescribed lithium carbonate for clinical mental health use) can be used potentially to promote cognitive health and prevent mood swings.

Additionally, lithium has potential to enhance the effects of calcium and phosphorus in the body, therefore promoting bone health and growth. However, further research must be conducted to support this claim.

Potential Lithium Benefits:

  • Used as treatment for manic depressive disorders
  • May potentially help regulate overall mood
  • May enhance cognitive health
  • May protect bone health

Things To Know

Also Known As

Lithium may be found by certain brand names including Lithane, Lithobid, and Carbolith

Things To Note About Lithium

  • A physician should always be consulted before considering a lithium supplement. Consuming too little lithium as a prescribed medication will not result in the desired effects. However, consuming too much lithium will result in toxicity and therefore must be monitored carefully.
  • If lithium is not being taken as a prescribed medication, a physician should still be consulted as it is very easy to rise to toxic levels of lithium if not taking it as suggested by a doctor. While lithium orotate is considered more tolerable than lithium carbonate, its use should still be carefully monitored.
  • Lithium can exacerbate certain conditions such as psoriasis, kidney disease, heart disease, and thyroid problems. Taking lithium can also lead to dehydration. Certain doses of lithium can lead to dizziness, drowsiness, and blurred vision.

How To Take

Recommended Dosage, Active Amounts, Other Details

  • Therapeutic doses of lithium are on an individual basis. Consult a physician to determine proper dosage.

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