5 Best Lavender Essential Oils in 2020

Our list of the top rated lavender essential oils for aromatherapy online and anyone that needs to relieve stress and deepen relaxation.

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These are the best Lavender Essential Oils we tested ranked, in order:

Whether you’re dealing with insomnia, stress, anxiety, tension, or just love the smell and aroma of lavender, this is the list for you. After review 31+ lavender essential oil brands, we’ve boiled it all down to our top rated picks online. We made sure to include lavender oil brands containing USDA organic certifications.

The Best Lavender Essential Oils

1. Dr. Mercola Organic Lavender Essential Oil

The Organic Lavender Essential Oil by Dr. Mercola is a well-made lavender oil that contains only 100% organic lavender without any synthetic or harsh chemicals.

The oil is routinely tested for purity and can be found online in multiple sizes. available in multiple sizes and No use of harshuses only 100% organic herbs (lavender) to make this oil.

2. NOW Foods Certified Organic Lavender Oil

The NOW Foods Certified Organic Lavender Oil is available in both organic and non-organic forms and comes in many different sizes ranging all the way up to 16 fl. oz. bottles. The product is not diluted and contains 100% pure lavender oil without any filler ingredients.

3. Aura Cacia Organic Lavender

Like the Now Foods brand, the Aura Cacia Organic Lavender oil is formulated using only 100% organic lavender oil. The Aura Cacia brand prides it self a few extra features like not testing their products on animals, no synthetic colors or fragrances and is paraben petroleum free. The flowers used to make this oil are from Bulgaria .

4. Nature’s Answer 100% Pure Organic Lavender Essential Oil

Nature’s Answer 100% Pure Organic Lavender Essential Oil is not only a high-quality lavender essential oil that’s undiluted and 100% pure, it’s also one of the few lavender oil brands that is made in the USA.

5. Fat Buddha Certified Organic Lavender Essential Oil

Fat Buddha Lavender Oil is another organic oil that is USDA Certified Organic by MOSA in USA. The lavender oil used in this product is grown in Europe on a sustainable farm. You can also return this oil using Fat Buddha’s zero-fuss money back guarantee if you aren’t happy with the oil for whatever reason.


Every essential oil provides different benefits. Similar to herbal supplements or vitamins, each plant/herb provides unique benefits. Lavender oil is great for bringing a soothing, clean, and relaxing vibe to the room.

Lavender essential oil is made from compressing the lavender plant, typically from the flower and not the roots/stems. The aroma is great for yoga, stretching, meditation, and overall relaxation.

When buying lavender essential oil its recommended by most health care practitioners to purchase from high quality brands that use therapeutic grade and organic ingredients. Lower quality herbs are often sprayed with chemicals.

Lavender essential oil is known as the "soother", providing healing and calming benefits.

Lavender essential oils are great for relaxation, reading, studying, yoga, meditation, and stretching!

Lavender essential oil requires a dilution.

  • Lavender oil can be added to creams, massage oils, and cosmetics.
  • High quality, food grade oils can be taken as a tincture or used topically
  • Can be added into baths for a more relaxing bath

One or two drops are plenty for most purposes.

  • Massage aromatherapy - 1 - 10 mL of lavender essential oil can be added to 25 mL of a carrier oil like olive, coconut or jojoba oil.
  • Aromatic - Diffuse three to four drops if any diffuser of your choice.
We spend a lot of time researching and reviewing Lavender Essential Oils. The best rated brand can change from time to time due to updates in research or data. Be sure to check out our updated top rated list for any changes.

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