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Kudzu (Pueraria Lobata) is a type of coarse, high-climbing, vine plant. The root of this herb is used in Traditional Chinese Medicine for its ability to alleviate hangovers, migraines, and symptoms of the common colds.

Kudzu supplementation benefits:

  • Fights synmptoms of the common cold
  • Allievates hangovers
  • Treatment for alcoholism

Things to Know About Kudzu

Kudzu Is Also Known As

Pueraria lobata, Gegen

Things to note about Kudzu

  • Kudzu is a very popular food in China and is believed to be reasonably safe for supplementation.
  • In the United States Kudzu is completely covering acres of land, smothering existing vegetation, greatly reducing the amount of light, water and nutrients received by the vegetation.

How To Take Kudzu

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The optimal daily intake of Kudzu is not currently known. Follow your supplements product label for best results.