The 3 Best Intra-Workout Supplements for Bulking

Bulking, or better known as putting on weight purposely and gaining muscle mass, requires precise macro nutrient tracking and supplementation for best results. Using an intra-workout supplement for bulking can drastically increase the amount of muscle mass you put on and decrease the amount of fat you put on during a bulk. If you’re looking to bulk up the best way possible its crucial for you to have the right tools at your finger tips. Aside from a good diet, you are going to need to make sure you’re meeting your bodies desire for nutrients. If you’re missing these essential nutrients, you are only hindering or slowing down your progress. Thus, an intra-workout supplement during your bulk will greatly increase the potential of increasing muscle gain, overall health increase and several other benefits. Keep an eye out for the ingredient label, a good dose of BCAAs, citrulline, and beta-alanine, are key indicators of an intra-workout well equipped to support you during a bulking phase. Since you’ll be in the gym for a good amount of time and drinking this during your workout, make sure the product you choose has good mixability and taste.

Core Nutritionals Core ABC is one of the most rounded intra-workout supplement for bulking on the current market. Your typical intra-workout supplement will usually not be dosed high enough for effective results, this is crucial when you are bulking. Core Nutritionals Core ABC is formulated with good doses of BCAAs, beta-alanine and citrulline. Combined these three ingredients will supercharge your workouts and keep your nutrition well rounded when on your bulk. Bccas will increase your protein synthesis, which will help your body build more lean mass. Beta-alanine will improve your overall endurance and physical performance resulting in better workouts which in return will also help you bulk up more lean mass. Citrulline will help keep your vascular systems in check while providing additional health benefits. On top of these great ingredient features, Core Nutritionals Core ABC also delivers solid taste, including several fantastic flavors to choose from and excellent mixability for that extra added peace of mind. Learn More

Although you won’t find much of a difference between first and second on this list, MuscleTech AMINO Build has a few unique elements to it that make it a great bulking intra-workout supplement. This intra-workout is designed for strength, endurance, power, and pump. With a minimalist approach towards their formula, they only use the most effective ingredients. Citrulline, Bcaas, glutamine, betaine, taurine are the staple of their formula, all of which will help make a bulk more successful. Citrulline and betaine will help with overall vascular support. Glutamine will replenish lost or missing nutrients, which shouldn’t be a problem while bulking on quality food, but its better safe than sorry. Taurine has a couple different benefits, but what it will do for us is it’ll help keep you from cramping, a lot of food and supplements may cause some discomfort, taurine will help out with this. 8grams of Bcaas at a 2:1:1 ratio this will help build more lean muscle and aid your body in recovery, perfect for intense workouts. Paired with a good tasting formula and great mixability makes this product worth looking into further. Learn More

SciVation Xtend combines effective ingredients and quality taste and mixability making an excellent intra-workout suited to entry-level athletes and seasoned more experienced athletes alike. Take a more simplistic approach than Muscletech amino blend, their formula is made around muscle recovery and lean mass gains. SciVation Xtend has been a fan favorite for nearly 10 years, they provide great customer support and informative FAQs. The ingredient blend has what it takes to help you bulk up, Bcaas and citrulline. Straight to the point, adding nothing more than the bare minimum, which will make it easier to drink during your workouts. You’ll have increased recovery times, improved nitric oxide production, more energy, and potential to add more lean muscle mass. Paired with a good diet while on your bulk, this intra-workout will be a get compliment to your bulking regimine. Additionally, SciVation Xtend comes in a lot of different flavors, one of the few companies to take taste and mixability to the next level, every flavor has positive customer feedback, perfect for those worried about finding a good tasting product.
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February 18, 2015