Are there any potential side-effects that come with taking intra-workout supplements?

Intra-workout supplements are known to have many benefits can protect and grow your body for the better. However, there may be some side effects that you should be aware of. The side-effects will vary from product to product and will largely depend on the ingredients used to make up the product. Although intra-workout supplements are relatively safe, before deciding on a product, it is important to fully understand the benefits but also the potential side-effects of these supplements. We have taken the most commonly used ingredients between these products and made a list of their potential side-effects

Dizziness. Although it is not common, you may undergo slight dizziness if you were to drink your intra-workout too quickly; it is recommended to take the supplement gradually over time. Also may occur if you’re new to workout supplements in general and will subside over time.

Skin Tingling Sensation. If your intra-workout supplement uses beta-alanine, a common side effect is a skin tingling, which is completely harmless. To avoid this, use lower amounts of beta-alanine, or find a product without it.

Upset stomach and Nausea. It can be common for users to experience an upset stomach or even nausea when taking an intra-workout supplement. If you have a sensitive stomach, find a product that uses l-taurine. Taurine is a good anti-inflammatory and can help reduce these feelings. Do not chug your intra-workout and slowly intake it throughout your workout to avoid any possible unwanted side-effects.

Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs) These are essential amino acids found in any food containing protein, such as eggs or meat. No real side-effects are to be expect from them, but the onset of fatigue and loss of coordination can happen if supplemented for longer than 6months at a time. To avoid this cycle off your intra-workout for a month or two to avoid any unwanted side-effects.

L-citrulline. Another one of the most common ingredients used in these blends, no real side effects have been found with the use of it. It is recommended to avoid the use if you’re pregnant or breast-feeding.

Depending on the product, sometimes you will find caffeine or other stimulants, these will come with different side-effects, so its important to read the ingredient labels. Intra-workout supplements are pretty simple and straight forward with the ingredients used to make them. Keep an eye out for the ingredient label and do your research. However, they’re all relatively safe since they’re made up of mostly amino acids, more so Brach-chain amino acids.

February 18, 2015