10 Best Ashwagandha Supplements (Buyer's Guide)

According to WebMD , stress-related health problems affect 43% of all adults and prompt 75-90% of all doctor visits. Many turn to adaptogen herbs like ashwagandha (withania somnifera), bacopa, or rhodiola rosea to help with chronic stress.

However, it is essential to note that the ingredient formulas of ashwagandha products can differ from brand to brand; providing the user with different potential benefits. Having a supplement that is designed for the chronic stress and hazards of today’s world will not only protect your immune system but will hopefully prevent stress induced side effects as well.

Here are the 10 best ashwagandha supplements of 2020

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A note on price

General price ranges with dollar signs ($ to $) are indicated below. Just like on Yelp and Google Reviews, One dollar sign means the product is rather affordable, whereas three dollar signs indicate a higher price range.

Generally, prices range from $0.17–$0.97 per serving, or $11.99–$49.99 per container, though this may vary depending on where you shop.

Most products require you to just take 1 capsule daily, but some may have a greater serving size.

Pricing guide

  • $ = under $0.19 per serving
  • $$ = $0.19–$0.39 per serving
  • $$$ = over $0.39 per serving

Best liquid extract

1. Herb Pharm Certified Organic Ashwagandha Extract

Herb Pharm Ashwagandha Liquid Extract Tincture (best liquid extract)

Price: $$

Capsules not your thing? Try this new alcohol free liquid ashwagandha root extract. Capsules can be annoying especially if you take a lot of them a day. Switching to a liquid extract will save you a lot of time and money as these products tend to be on the cheaper side. Besides this adaptogen works whether it’s in capsules or liquid form.

This product features a certified organic ashwagandha extract perfect for those who want a quality liquid withania somnifera from a reputable brand. Check out their other herbal extracts as they cover a majority of herbs.

Best KSM-66

2. Nutrabio KSM-66 Ashwagandha Extract

NutraBio Ashwagandha KSM-66

Price: $$

Many users of ashwagandha extract like to supplement with KSM-66 ashwagandha because it’s an extract which is standardized to 5% withanolides.

Bottom line, every capsule contains a standardized amount of withanolides. Helping to keep your supplementation controlled and routine.

Best Tablet

3. Garden Of Life Mykind Organics Ashwagandha

Price: $$

Like quality? This ashwagandha root is certified organic,non GMO, and contains withanolide; higher potency exact responsible for a range of health benefits, from physical performance, and thyroid function, to cognitive function. Ashwagandha root tablets from Garden of Life is made with organic fruits and vegetables, each ashwagandha root (withania somnifera) tablet is dosed at 600 mg; a common nootropic dose of ashwagandha root used in brain function, endurance, and blood pressure studies.

This supplement comes in tablet form and is equipped with a Clean Tablet Technology Blend. Your immune system will thank you, the organic ashwagandha root extract is mixed with a small amount of ginger for it’s inflammatory properties and a Probiotic Blend for better bioavailability.

Your wellbeing depends on a good ashwagandha formula. The multiple clinical studies show casing the antioxidant properties abilities to aid your stress response; a calm mind is better at information processing and stress management.

The high potency, organic certification, and active ingredient formula in this ashwagandha product are ready to combat your stress levels. Who would have known this Indian adaptogen herb would have such sought after nootropic effects.

4. New Chapter Magnesium + Ashwagandha Vegetarian Tablets

Price: $$

These ashwagandha tablets are made by a well known brand, New Chapter; this product is vegetarian, kosher, and certified gluten-free by NSF.

Combining ashwagandha and magnesium together can make for a potent relaxing and calming combination.

Ashwagandha can often relax the user, with it’s sleep-inducing properties that may improve sleep quality and insomnia.

Best Tea

5. Organic India Tulsi Ashwagandha Tea

Organic India Tulsi Ashwagandha Tea
Price: $ Ashwagandha tea is the perfect way to enjoy the wide range of benefits of ashwagandha. Users claim drinking this tea in the morning helps calm the mind and prepare it for a productive day. Several studies showed that users of ashwagandha over a 6-12 weeks may reduce anxiety and insomnia caused by stress.

6. Vahdam Herbal Tea Turmeric Ashwagandha

Price: $ Unlike most caffeine filled teas like green tea and matcha tea, ashwagandha tea does not have any caffeine in it, allowing you to take in a ton of good antioxidant properties without the side effects of caffeine. In addition to ashwagandha, each of these tea packet contains various other beneficial ingredients, like turmeric, which is known for it’s blood sugar benefits and anti-inflammatory properties; may reduce pain from arthritis, regulate blood sugar levels, and improve cholesterol levels, among other benefits.

Best Powder

7. Navitas Superfood+Adaptogen Blend, Organic, Maca+Reishi+Ashwagandha

Navitas Superfood+Adaptogen Blend, Organic, Maca+Reishi+Ashwagandha

Price: $

Navitas Superfood + Adaptogen Blend also combines the immune system boosting power of maca, reishi mushroom and cacao, the gold standard of traditional medicine. 

This potent adaptogen blend comes in 30 servings and made with only organic ingredients.

On their website, Navitas also mentions this formula is USDA organic, non-gmo, and vegan friendly.

8. Vega Shake, All-in-One, with Ashwagandha Extract, Turmeric Coconut8

Vega Shake, All-in-One, with Ashwagandha Extract, Turmeric Coconut

Price: $$–$$$

Vega also offers an entire line of herbal supplements in powdered form, that target various components of health and well-being.

In addition to ashwagandha, each serving of this product contains various other beneficial ingredients.

For example, the Vega Shake, All-in-One, with Ashwagandha Extract, Turmeric Coconut8 product contains ingredients that have been shown to support rheumatoid arthritis, including ground ginger, and turmeric.

Although Vegas’ line of powders contain contain smaller amounts of ashwagandha than your typical Extra Strength product, many users enjoy the multi-ingredient blend.

Note that some of these combo supplements contain herbs that may interact with certain medications, so it’s best to check with your doctor before taking them.

Also users may experience different side effects, simply because the formula contains several herbs and fruits, like Spinach Powder, Acerola Cherry Juice Powder, Chard Powder, and Kale Powder.

Best Capsules

9. Himalaya Herbal Heathcare Organic Ashwagandha Caplets

Himalaya Herbal Heathcare Organic Ashwagandha Caplets

Price: $

Himalaya Herbal is a trusted, highly recommended brand among those seeking stress relief, and it’s one of the longest standing ashwagandha brands on the market right now.

This supplement contains 670 mg of ashwagandha root extract containing 2.96 mg of withanolides (0.0044%), the active ingredient said to hold a majority of ashwagandha’s beneficial properties. 

The price tends to be lower than most other products simply because the ingredient profile contains several other ingredients that most highest quality brands choose to go without like Microcrystalline Cellulose, Colloidal Silicon Dioxide, Magnesium Stearate, Dicalcium Phosphate, all of which may effect the products shelf life and effectiveness. 

Shop for Himalaya Herbal Heathcare Organic Ashwagandha Caplets online.

10. Organic India Ashwagandha

Organic India Ashwagandha, Vegetarian Capsules

Price: $

This USDA organic formulated ashwagandha supplement from Organic India is made with certified organic herbs and contains no other ingredients aside from the ashwagandha power and the capsule itself.

One serving of Organic India Ashwagandha recorded 800 mg of ashwagandha root extract containing 6.05 mg of withanolides (0.0075%).

The potency of this product may not match that of higher dosed extracts that contain more withanolides , but the quality, the high user reviews, and low price point make up for the lack of potency in each capsule.


We've reviewed several different brands like Himalaya Ashwagandha, Organic India, and Now Foods. Currently we like Garden of Life's Ashwagandha tablets the best.
Customers like the brand Organic India for it's cheap cost and decent quality. The brand also touts it's product may help with thyroid hormone and thyroid function.
Buying from the top brands is often the best start. They have the best quality control, quality assurance, and third party lab tests. The bigger the sports nutrition brand, the more money they have for quality control and quality assurance, which is important in herbal medicine, as scientific research is still limited and some risk of heavy metals.

Most users supplement with ashwagandha for it's touted stress relief effects. Others pair it with theanine, green tea, green tea extract, and rhodiola for an increased therapeutic effect. Claims such as reducing body fat, increasing muscle mass, and increasing strength require more clinical research.

It's recommended to take ashwagandha when you are feeling stressed or before a stressful event such as taking a school exam. Bodybuilders have reported taking ashwagandha before a workout to help with power output on their one rep max squat and bench press.
No. Black pepper is often touted to boost bioavailability, however the research to back those claims is lacking. Some diets like the carnivore diet even avoid black pepper all together. Products that don't contain black pepper in their formula are often more popular.
The safety of ashwagandha in pregnancy, lactation, and autoimmune disease has been questioned in the popular literature and some other sources. If you're breastfeeding and/or have autoimmune disease, don't take ashwagandha.

Studies with lab rats have suggested that ashwagandha may be helpful for reducing the effects of stress, however more research is needed to support these claims. Some studies also point to potential benefits for thyroid disease, but more clinical trail studies are needed on alternative medicine to help fight this medical condition.

Ashwagandha stimulates the immune system and is considered a tonic or adaptogen—an herb with multiple actions that counteract the effects of stress and generally promote wellness. More clinical research studies are needed to confirm ashwagandha's ability to support heart disease, high blood pressure, and mental health.
All the bioactive compounds within ashwagandha have not been rigorously studied and therefore any hair benefits cannot be confirmed. Currently there are not studies that support this claim and there are no studies showing ashwagandha's ability to reverse grey hair or hair loss.
Given its long and broad history of use, the toxic potential of ashwagandha (withania somnifera) appears to be very low when used in typical doses. Some users have reported feeling bloated or gassy after taking ashwagandha extract. However, this herb and it's alkaloids have not been rigorously studied and therefore side effects cannot be confirmed.

The Bottom Line

With the myriad of dietary supplements and herbal products in the United States, it can be tricky to determine which products are worth spending your money on.

Buying from reputable retailers and looking for ashwagandha supplements made with high quality ingredients can ensure that you’re getting the product possible.

Checking the ingredient label and looking for products that certifications like USDA organic, non-gmo, and have undergone third-party testing can help with quality control.

Now, are you ready to buy ashwagandha supplements?