Ancient Apothecary Frankincense Trinity Oil


The Bottom Line.

  • The Ancient Apothecary Frankincense Trinity Oil organic formulation coupled with the use of high quality ingredients gives customers the option of buying a high-end oil made by a reputable brand.
  • Made by one of the most popular essential oil enthusiasts, Dr. Axe
  • The oil is made using USDA certified organic ingredients and is considered 100% Therapeutic Grade

General Overview

  • High quality oil without any fillers or dilutions. Straight 100% frankincense oil with nothing else.
  • Organic quality with USDA organic certifications.
  • Glass bottle
  • Pleasant and potent smell that is fresh, woody, fruity, balsamic, and slightly spicy
  • Certified by a 3rd party company, CCOF


  • The quantity can be limited making your purchasing options small
  • Can be more expensive than most other brands on the market. Most customers go with lower quality oils because the price point is too high.

Quick Summary

Ancient Apothecary Frankincense Trinity Oil is made by one of the more popular brands that are currently out. Not many brands go the extra mile by producing high quality oils that are also made with high quality ingredients. Other oils on the market tend to be diluted or have limited information on the sourcing of ingredients. This brand does a good job of showing you everything upfront so you don’t have guess or take unnecessary chances. While its priced a little higher than other well-established essential oil makers, like doterra.

  • One of the few brands that make USDA organic frankincense. Brand has all the correct certifications to back up their ingredient quality claims.
  • The oil smells very potent unlike other lower quality oils that tend to mix other liquids into the oil to help cut costs and boost profits.

You are limited to the sizes you can buy though, the biggest bottle you can find is going to be a 5 mL bottle. Aside from this minor inconvenience customers were very pleased with this oil, especially since the price is so high. Our in-house testing process backs up the claims, the oil is very nice and we appreciated the high quality. On top of that the little glass bottle keeps your oil fresh and away from sun exposure.

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The Details
Size.16 Fl oz (5 mL)
IngredientsPure Frankincense Oil
AromaWoody, Fresh, Balsamic, Fruity, Slightly Spicy
Aroma StrengthMild – Medium
Method of ExtractionSteam Distilled
Quality ReviewPassed

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