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Fo-ti (Polygonum multiflorum), is an herb native to China, where its used in Traditional Chinese Medicine for its antitumor and antibacterial properties.

Fo-ti is known as a Chinese rejuvenation herb famous for its ability to help promote healthy hair, skin, and sexual vitality. Fo-ti contains several major constituents, one of which is known as Phospholipids, which plays an important role in maintaining the completion of the cell membrane structure and its functions.

Traditionally Fo-ti is supplemented as a general health tonic, used to promote longevity. This anti-aging herb promotes healthier sleep, prevents heart disease, reduces cholesterol, and fights free radicals that cause premature aging and cellular damage.

Fo-ti benefits:

  • Promotes head hair growth
  • Promotes healthy hair color
  • Improves skin health
  • Reduces high cholesterol
  • Alleviate constipation
  • Supports longevity
  • Improves energy and reduces fatigue
  • Prevents Atherosclerosis
  • Improves cardiovascular health
  • Builds stamina and resistance to disease
  • Boosts sexual vitality
  • Strengthens kidney, liver, and nervous system

Things to Know About Fo-Ti

Fo-Ti Is Also Known As

Polygnum multiflorum, He-shou-wu, Kashuu

Things to note about Fo-Ti

  • In the United States this herb is called Fo-Ti, the Chinese name for Fo-ti, he-shou-wu, is said to be named after a man in the Tang dynasty, who cured his infertility and prolonged his life thanks for this herb.

How To Take Fo-Ti

Recommended Fo-Ti dosage, active amounts, other details

The standard dose recommended for Fo-Ti is 3,000 mg taken 3 times daily, or according to supplement label for extracts.