Handy Pantry Organic Brown Flax Seeds

Handy Pantry Organic Brown Flax Seeds seems like an okay purchase but the brand credible and reputation makes us a bit skeptical. When purchasing foods we like to tell athletes to stick to more well known brands to ensure you’re getting top-tier quality.


These flax seeds are affordable, but the brand that makes them we cannot say too much about. Flax seeds seem like something that can be produce by anyone but we find it a better idea to stick with higher quality brands to ensure we are getting safe products. If you’re limited on options these should still provide for you. It also doesn’t make much sense but the majority of user reviews we read said these seeds are a bit harder and more difficult to eat than other brands like Trader Joes. They are more affordable which makes it a better choice for those looking for a bulk supply.

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Summary (All Essential Benefits/Effects/Facts & Information)

Servings Per Container 21
Serving Size 2 Tablespoons
Paleo Friendly
Gluten Free


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