The Best Cordyceps Mushroom for 2020

This review contains the top rated cordyceps supplements and cordyceps extracts available online.

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So, you’ve come to this best cordyceps mushroom supplement review with one purpose, and one purpose only – to find the best cordyceps brands out there, right? Well, if you’re in the market for a brand new, potent and effective cordyceps supplement, you’re bound to find one right here, in this review.

We’ll discuss some of the top rated cordyceps mushroom supplements on the market. We’ll share with you a list, and discuss some of the best features of each product that these cordyceps supplements have. At the end of it all, depending on your budget, personal wants, and preferences, you should be able to pick that one brand that fits for you.

Best Cordyceps Mushroom - Top 5 Brands

1. Host Defense Cordyceps

First, let’s talk about Host Defense Cordyceps – a full spectrum cordyceps supplement that’s grown on certified organic mycelium.

Host Defense Cordyceps, as you may or may not have gathered, is a unique entry on this list. This is mostly due to the fact that it is one of the very best mushroom supplement providers in this “best cordyceps brands” review.

Being a mycelium-based cordyceps supplement has many distinct advantages. First of all, Host Defense uses organic mycelium only, which helps boost the overall quality. Second it contains cordyceps grown in the USA, which is said to be a less potent than cordyceps from Asia. If having your supplements sourced and made in the USA is an important aspect for you when it comes to choosing a supplement, then you won’t find a better option than Host Defense Cordyceps. The extra-added quality the brand provides can really be a game-changer for your health.

Furthermore, another area in which Host Defense Cordyceps exceeds in when compared to the brand’s competitors on this best cordyceps list is the vegetable based capsule and vegan friendly formula. Again, since it’s an USDA Organic based formula, the brand tends to under go testing quite frequently. Perfect for those on special diets that cannot have certain ingredients like gelatin.

Host Defense Cordyceps passed our quality tests and recorded 1000 mg of cordyceps (cordyceps militaris) per serving.

2. Mushroom Science Cordyceps Cs-4

Mushroom Science Cordyceps provides you with a bug-free cs-4 cordyceps suppement. This brand is said to be one of the most potent brands on the market right now and it deserves to be called the most potent cs-4 supplement on the market, as it offers a potent ingredient formula, which we are about to discuss.

To begin with, the brand uses a dual hot water and alcohol extraction method allowing them to produce a potent cordyceps extract that contains both 24% polysaccharide and 0.25% adenosine per serving. A great option for everyone who wants potent dosage that is lab tested and validated.

Moving further, if you’re worried about this cordyceps being vegan, these cordyceps are bug-free and 100% vegan. Plus, these mushrooms or fungi are produced through liquid culture, not grown on rice like other brands.

Mushroom Science Cordyceps Cs-4 passed our quality tests and recorded 400 mg of cordyceps (cordyceps sinensis) per serving.

3. Aloha Medicinals Pure Cordyceps

Aloha Medicinals Pure Cordyceps passed our quality tests and recorded 525 mg of cordyceps (cordyceps sinensis) per serving.

4. Perfect Cordyceps

Perfect Cordyceps passed our quality tests and recorded 1100 mg of cordyceps (cordyceps sinensis) per serving.

5. Oregon’s Wild Harvest Cordyceps

Oregon’s Wild Harvest Cordyceps passed our quality tests and recorded 1050 mg of cordyceps (cordyceps sinensis) per serving.


Cordyceps have a long history in traditionally Chinese Medicine as being a bioactive mushroom with many immune-strengthening benefits. Used as a ‘tonic,’ said to generally strengthen the entire body, particularly following illness.

Most USA based Cordyceps brands get their mushrooms from places that grow them on sterile grains, such as organic white milo, oats, or brown rice which is used as the growing substrate.

The final product may contain starches along with the cordyceps mushroom, which can cause stomach distress for whose with a gluten intolerance or are sensitive to grains or starches.

This isn't to say that growing on a base of brown rice and other grains is bad practice. It's actually the one of the best ways and most widely used practices to produce cordyceps currently.

Cordyceps can be purchased as a raw food, in tablet form, capsule form, and powders in most whole food stores and over the internet.

Typical traditionally recommend dosage of cordyceps range from 5,000 mg – 10,000 mg per day.

The very few research studies involving cordyceps used dosage range of 1,000-3,000mg daily.


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