ProSource Professional Grade Gym Chalk Review

Rating: 3.5 (out of 5)

ProSource Professional Grade Gym Chalk Review

The Good

  • Large supply for a good price
  • Keeps hands dry during lifts
  • Provides support to grip during lifts
  • Great for sweaty hands
  • Stronger grip, stronger lifts
  • Good quality chalk

Although chalking up may not be as popular as other performance increasing tools like pre-workout supplements, protein, or even a lifting belt, chalk has some impressive lifting benefits.

A very easy way to improve grip strength and allow you to fully concentrate on the lift at hand. This makes it one of the best tools you can use during workouts to improve your overall results.

ProSource Professional Grade Gym Chalk comes in a 1 pound box that contains several smaller blocks of chalk. The quality is good and it’ll do the job its suppose to do. You’ll have enough for a year or more worth of lifts.

Chalk is one of the most widely used ‘tools’ amongst weightlifting, cross fitters, and bodybuilders.

Chalk provides a range of important features that are needed to fully maximize your potential at putting on muscle and growing stronger.

When you improve your grip, you’re able to lift more, and make a better mind muscle connection without worrying about your grip.

In the long run you’ll see faster results because you’re doing more reps and more sets. Which will lead to a stronger, better looking body.

If you’re in search of the absolute best gym chalk, check out the article below were we discuss whats best for you.

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