Mueller WeightLifting Gym Chalk Review

Rating: 4 (out of 5)

Mueller WeightLifting Gym Chalk Review

The Good

  • Quality gym chalk
  • Eliminates sweaty hands
  • Improves grip strength
  • Improves lifts that require more grip strength
  • Allows for more considerations on lifts

If you want to improve your lifts faster you have to experiment with different ‘modes’ of improving your lifts and workouts.

One favorite of athletes is applying chalk to your hands before any lift. This allows for you to concentrate more on the lift and less on how your hands are slipping from the bar.

This takes advantage of the mind muscle connection that Mark Rippetoe talks about in his book Starting Strength.

This means you can focus with 100% of your mind on lifting the weight and completing the exercise before your hands start giving out. It gives you the ability  to stay focused for a bit longer.

In the long run you’ll see more results,  build more muscle, and increase your strength – exponentially.

Mueller WeightLifting Gym Chalk is high quality and will do the job well.

If you’re looking for the absolute best possible choice, take a look at the link below.

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