GSC Gym Chalk Review

Rating: 5 (out of 5)

GSC Gym Chalk Review

The Good

  • Large supply for a very reasonable price
  • Keeps hands dry during lifts
  • Improve grip strength in the long run
  • Allows for greater mind muscle connection
  • Eliminates sweaty hands

GSC Gym Chalk is the highest quality gym chalk you can purchase. It does the job the way it should and you get enough blocks to last you quite some time. Give one to a friend!

Usually when you’re lifting you may not put to much thought into your grip.

But when the time comes and your hands are sweaty and you cannot seem to find a firm grip, your lifts suffer.

Crappy grip leads to a crappy lift.

Its not brain surgery. If your hands are sweaty, and you cannot get a firm, strong grip on the bar, you’re not going to perform well.

If you’re not performing well, you’re not going improve your lifts and its going to take you a long time to see the results you want.

Just from having sub-par superior grip strength.

For it to really work here are three practical tips:
1.  Don’t do it for every lift.  you need to build a stronger grip. Use chalk as a tool to slowly build up a better, stronger grip. Just as you are trying to build bigger stronger muscles. Making it a routine can be good, but when it comes to this you may get addicted and start telling yourself you need chalk to be able to perform.
2. Focus on just one problem: .Don’t allow yourself to focus on the lift at hand and how slippery your hands are. Focus on one thing. You’ll end up performing sub-optimally at both. Crappy grip and lift.
3. Have a dedicated day to train grip: Take one day of the week to focus on building a stronger grip. Use as much chalk as you need. Build a stronger grip so even with sweaty hands you can squeeze that bar with 100% power.

If you’re not using chalk during your lifts, or even just your heaviest lifts, you’re putting yourself at a stupid disadvantage.

Chalk is cheap to buy and its effective. Many swear by it. It isn’t cheating, it isn’t unfair. Its the smart thing to do.

If you want more information and want to know the absolute very best gym chalk to buy, check out the link below.

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