Benefits of using weight lifting chalk at the gym

Benefits of Using Weightlifting Chalk

Benefits of chalking up

Although it may seem pretty trivial to explain the benefits of what using chalk can do for you, there are still a number of people out there who refuse to use chalk or never put any thought into it.

Chalking up isn’t just for the powerlifts or meat heads. Its a proven fact that if you’re not using chalk on most of your lifts you’re putting yourself at a disadvantage. Chalking up is for those who are looking to maximize every angle of their fitness journey.

If you’re still worried about what your friends will think, its time to grow up a bit. Its 2015, tell them to google it . All high performing athletes use chalk. Can you say Lebron James?

Maintaining a strong firm grip will allow you to perform at your peak performance level without losing focus when your grip starts to slide.  Nicely chalked up hands have shown in recent studies to increase your grip strength by an extra 50-100lbs.

1. Eliminates sweaty hands – There you are, music is blasting, you’re getting in the zone, the focus is on and bam, your hands are sweaty and you’re spending minutes trying to get a firm grip on the bar. Finally you manage some half-hearted titan grip which ends up failing you mid-set.

2. Increase Grip Strength – Over time if you’re able to hold more weight and perform more sets with a tighter, stronger grip you will eventually build up stronger firmer hand grip. Just like you doing bench press to build the chest, over time you’ll see a much better improvement.  Time to chalk it up.

3. Build More Muscle – This one might seem a bit silly but lets think about it. If you’re able to perform at your maximum without having to worry about your grip you will lift heavier weights and pack on more muscle. You’ll have a better mind muscle connection on every set. This in return will give faster results. Simple. Time To Chalk Up.

Time To Chalk Up

If you’re still not using chalk, you’re basically setting up yourself to fail. If you put two athletes side beside and do a year long study where one uses chalk and the other doesn’t..guess which one has the better physique at the end.

The one who worked harder right? Well if your grip is garbage, it’ll take you much longer to build up your lifts and take you much longer to see results.

You only have so much time to build the body you want. Chalk may seem like a silly little thing but you’ll be surprised at how much better you perform. Double down and focus on what really works, chalking up is essential.

Time to chalk up folks. For those who are already chalking up. Please share with the community on how important it is to gym up those bear hands before every life.

If you’re looking for the number 1 best chalk that you can buy. Check out the link below. We put a lot of research into that article and you’ll use later for doing all the heavy lifting for you.

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