What is casein protein?

what is casein protein powder

If you’ve heard of whey, you’ve probably also heard of whey’s counterpart, casein.

Casein protein is can be derived from the milk of many species; most of which we consume is from bovine (cow) milk.

Casein in its natural form is not soluble and actually forms a clot in the stomach, forming micelles.

The end result is casein takes a lot longer to digest than whey, but to 7-8 hours longer, where by contrast, whey can take as little as 30 minutes.

Taking a casein protein powder can increase muscle strength, size, and growth when combined with a solid workout routine and diet. Take a look at this list of the Best Casein Protein Powders for information on how to go about finding the perfect product.

The amino acids found in casein have been shown to supply the body with nutrients for up to 8 hours. This allows you to stay in the anabolic response period longer, which leads to greater muscle growth.

Studies show that because of this slow and steady rate of digestion, casein can keep your body and most importantly your muscles supplied with nutrients over a longer period of time, preventing muscle breakdown.

Current research shows athletes supplementing casein at certain times along side whey protein have been shown to gain more muscle mass than those who were just supplementing whey protein.

There is more to casein than simply fueling muscles. For one thing, casein has the highest levels of glutamine of any other protein powder.

Glutamine is used by the body to keep the immune system strong which can increase the rate in which your body repairs damaged muscle tissue.

Glutamine also plays a role in physique development. Studies have shown that glutamine can promote fat loss during exercises and at rest.

So what does this mean for you?

If you have yet to adopt casein protein powder into your supplementation rotation, you’re making a huge mistake.

If you’re really trying to sculpt and build a super nice looking body, casein protein is a must.

Benefits of Casein Protein – Casein vs Whey Protein

There has been tremendous studies done recently that showed drinking whey protein with a slow-digesting protein like micellar casein post workout significantly prolongs the anabolic window that whey creates.

Right after a workout if you combined a whey protein shake with casein you speed line nutrients to your muscles to kick start muscle repair and growth then you maintain in this stage for longer due to caseins slow digesting benefits.

This means you’ll recovery faster, boost muscle growth and in the long term see a significant increase in your overall health and physique.

The best option currently is to take casein protein along side your whey protein. Research confirms this is your best option.
A quick overview of what supplementing casein protein powder does:

Casein Benefits Review:

  • Stimulates muscle protein synthesis – increasing muscle growth and recovery
  • Reduces hunger cravings and fuels your muscles with nutrients for up to 7-8 hours
  • Provides anti muscle breakdown properties
  • Contains a high amount of glutamine
  • A complete protein source that contains a large amount of protein per serving
  • Works synergistically with whey protein to really help you maximize all of your training.
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