Universal Nutrition Casein Pro

Universal Nutrition Casein Pro
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The Details
Universal Nutrition Casein Pro contains 24g of casein protein per 33g serving size.

Serving Size 1 Scoop (33g)
Total Servings 55
Price/Serving $0.97
Casein Protein/Serving 24 g
Watchlist Ingredients Acesulfame Potassium, Sucralose

Universal Nutrition Casein Pro – Supports optimal muscle growth and recovery

Easy to mix protein powder

Loaded with lean muscle mass and strength-building protein to support a healthy and optimal nutrition

24g of protein per serving to fuel muscle growth and healthy body composition

Designed for people who are looking to increase their protein intake or anyone looking for a protein-packed nutritional drink. Casein protein powder is a smart, and effective way to increase muscle growth, improve strength and boost recovery.

This form of protein is a sustained-release formula which provides a extended release of nutrients for prolonged period of time. This allows your muscles to always have nutrients to support it in its goals whether its muscle building, weight loss, or strength training.

Directions: Add 1 scoop to 8 fl. ounces of water or your favorite beverage in your shaker bottle or a blender and drink immediately for the absolute best results.

You can drink Universal Nutrition Casein Pro at any time during the day to meet daily protein intake requirements needed to progress muscle building.

The amount of liquid you use is totally up to you. You can add or decrease the amount to achieve the perfect consistency suited perfectly to your liking.

When to take:

After a workout – Take 1 scoop (serving) after every workout to help fuel muscle recovery and increase lean muscle growth

Before bed – Take 1 serving 30-40 minutes before bed to give your muscles something to feed on while you sleep. Supports recovery and muscle repair.
Use as needed in between meals or to meet daily protein intake requirements.

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