Sports Food Impact Casein

Sports Food Impact Casein
Impact Casein
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The Details
Sports Food Impact Casein contains 26g of casein protein per 30g serving size.

Serving Size 1 Scoop (30g)
Total Servings 75
Price/Serving $0.80
Casein Protein/Serving 26 g
Watchlist Ingredients Sucralose

Sports Food Impact Casein has one of the best macro profiles all of the casein proteins on the current market. Designed to help you build muscle, recover faster, and train stronger.

Profile: Each scoop of Sports Food Impact Casein delivers 26.5 grams of pure, quality micellar casein. No random ingredients added into the powder, no amino “spiking”, or cheap casein protein concentrate.

Mixability: Very easy to drink and super easy to mix which helps to maximize growth, recovery, and repair.

Taste: 5 different flavors all of which are rated very tasty. Choose your favorite flavor and you should have no issues with taste.

Effectiveness: The brand focuses on bringing quality transparent ingredients. It contains nothing but a pure source of high-quality casein protein in the exact amount needed to help you maximize muscle growth, repair, and recovery.

Directions: For best results, mix with a shaker cup. 1 Scoop with at least 8oz. of liquid.

Timing: Take Sports Food Impact Casein post-workout, before bed, or whenever protein is needed to fit your macros. The great macro profile makes this casein protein very versatile. Expect to see massive improvements in your strength, power output, muscle mass, body fat percentage, and recovery.

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