Mutant Micellar Casein Protein Powder

Mutant Micellar Casein Protein Powder
Micellar Casein Protein Powder

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The Details
Mutant Micellar Casein Protein Powder contains 24g of casein protein per 35g serving size.

Serving Size 1 Scoop (35g)
Total Servings 55
Price/Serving $1.10
Casein Protein/Serving 24 g
Watchlist Ingredients Sucralose

Mutant Micellar Casein Protein Powder – Supports lean muscle growth, recovery, and supports exercise performance.

  • Two amazingly delicious flavors to choose from
  • Excellent high quality protein source
  • Tons of key nutrients to help your grow stronger and healthier
  • Mix-ability is great. Mixes smoothly in just a shaker cup

Mutant Micellar Casein Protein Powder is an above average protein powder when you compare it side by side to other casein proteins on the market.

Its formulated using casein protein which is a advanced slow-digesting protein that fuels muscle growth, boosts muscle protein synthesis, and supplies nutrients and amino acids to your muscles for up to 8 hours. Mutant Micellar Casein doesn’t have any random unnecessary filler either! A very rare thing to see in most supplements these days. 24g of protein per serving, 2g of fat, 5 grams of carbs per serving. Taste is good, mixes well, and its priced pretty competitively. You will have a ton of success with this casein protein.

Directions: Taking Mutant Micellar Casein is simple and very straight forward. Just add 1 scoop into your shaker bottle or blender. Throw in 8 ounces of water, add more if you want a smoother protein shake. Shake or blend it up for a few seconds. Drink immediately. The container comes with a scooper that you can use to measure out accurate servings.

You can drink Mutant Micellar Casein whenever you need help meeting your daily protein intake requirements.

The amount of liquid you use is totally up to you. You can add or decrease the amount to achieve the perfect consistency suited perfectly to your liking.

When to take:

  • After a workout – Taking 1 serving after a workout will help fuel your muscle growth and improve recovery. You will notice less muscle soreness and fatigue.
  • Before bed – Take 1 serving 30-40 minutes before bed. This will fuel your muscles during fasted hours to slowly nourish your body with nutrients needed for recovery and growth.
  • Use as needed in between meals or to meet daily protein intake requirements.
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