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Onlinestrength analyzed 10 best-selling caffeine supplements in the United States for caffeine and fillers ingredients, excipients, and artificial substances.

Caffeine Summary

All Caffeine Benefits/Effects/Facts & Information

Caffeine is a super powerful stimulant that does comes from coffee beans, however the supplemental or synthetic form of caffeine found in caffeine pills, pre-workouts supplements, or powders is one of the most effective and extensively researched nootropic.

  • Research shows that caffeine provides mental stimulation allowing for thoughts to become more focused. This improves mental fatigue and cognitive function.
  • Studies show that caffeine can also boost muscle strength, endurance, and delay muscle fatigue during exercise.
  • Caffeine inhibits adenosine which is responsive for making us feel relaxed and lethargic.

Caffeine known scientifically as 1,3,7-trimethylxanthine binds to your adenosine receptors inhibiting adenosine production. When your body releases the chemical adenosine, it makes it way to the brain where it binds to receptors, signalling fatigue.

Caffeine prevents this fatigue signal from occurring causing you to me more alert, energized, and focused.

Things to Know About Caffeine

Caffeine is Also Known As

Coffee extract, 1, 3, 7-Trimethylxanthine

Things to note about Caffeine

The average caffeine supplement recorded 200mg of caffeine per serving. This range of caffeine gives users the majority of benefits caffeine has to offer.

  • Caffeine is a compound extracted straight from coffee beans.
  • Diminishing returns occur when taking caffeine over a prolonged period of time. Increasing the amount of caffeine you take does not beat tolerance build up. The only way overcome a tolerance is to take a month long break.

Efficacy ratings were highly correlated to the amount of caffeine in each product’s serving.

  • Caffeine supplementation has been shown to be highly effective in increasing energy, cognitive function, focus, motivation, and exercise performance in serving sizes of 100mg or more. Lower dosages have moderate effects depending on your tolerance. 9 of 10 products Onlinestrength reviewed fell within the range of 100-200mg of caffeine/serving, comparable to 2 cups of coffee.
  • Your body will build up a tolerance to caffeine with habitual use. This will dull the benefits you get from taking caffeine.
  • Caffeine takes up to 45minutes to fully ‘activate’. Slight differences depending on formulation of caffeine and method of supplementation.

How to Take Caffeine

Recommended Caffeine dosage, active amounts, other details

There is no standard caffeine dosage. Caffeine has a different effect on every individuals. Some need more, some need less. Start with smaller serving sizes to find what your tolerance level is.

Typically 100 mg – 400 mg is used for fitness and fat burning benefits.  This is typically the range of caffeine you would find in caffeine pills and/or pre-workout supplements.

Caffeine usually takes a certain amount of time to activate usually this depends on a number of things like your age, body type, tolerance, and weight. The best time to take your caffeine pills or supplement would be 30 mins to 60 mins before you need the benefits of caffeine.

If you are new to caffeine pills start with lower doses, most recommend 100 mg for beginners.

A caffeine pill is pure caffeine powder that is taken and pressed into capsules, tablets, or put into energy drinks, like the new Coca Cola energy drink.

They are made usually by extracting caffeine from coffee beans or certain teas. It can also be made in a lab but the preferred method currently is to use coffee beans or from dried tea leaves (camellia sinensis).

The major benefits of caffeine pills are going to be a decrease in fatigue, increased exercise performance (endurance and power output), and then other less studied benefits such as heightened focus, energy, cognitive function, motivation, and wakefulness.

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