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  1. Pure Encapsulations Bromelain 2400

  2. Doctor’s Best 3000 Gdu Bromelain

  3. Paradise Herbs Bromelain

  4. Bluebonnet Super Bromelain

  5. NOW Foods Bromelain

  6. Source Naturals Bromelain

  7. Life Extension Specially-Coated Bromelain

  8. Jarrow Formulas Bromelain

  9. Solgar Bromelain

  10. Country Life Triple Strength Bromelain

  11. Integrative Therapeutics Bromelain Complex

  12. Solaray Super Strength Bromelain

  13. Botanic Choice Bromelain

Bromelain Summary

All Bromelain Benefits/Effects/Facts & Information

Bromelain is a collection of protein-digesting proteolytic enzymes thats found in pineapple stems and pineapple juice.  Supplementation supports the body in food digestion and musculoskeletal comfort.

Fitness athletes and gym goers say that bromelain helps to reduce muscle soreness, muscle pain, sprain pain, and muscle strain pain.

Bromelain is a protein digestive agent that helps the body digest trapped blood byproducts improving healing and reducing pain.

Some athletes say that bromelain helps to reduce pain associated with sports injuries, such as sprains and strains.

Things to Know About Bromelain

Bromelain Is Also Known As

Pineapple Enzyme, Pineapple extract

Things to note about Bromelain

  • You will find the most bromelain in the stems of pineapples. Since the stems of pineapples are not always the most appetizing part of the pineapple, supplementation is often the best choice.
  • Bromelain is one of the most common herbal supplements sold in Germany.

How To Take Bromelain

Recommended Bromelain dosage, active amounts, other details

Standard dosage of bromelain is 200 mg – 2,000 mg per day usually containing 500 GDU – 2,000 GDU.