Sunergetic Berberine


The Bottom Line.

  • Each serving contains a high dosage, 1200 mg of berberine HCL per serving. A serving consists of two capsules dosed at 600 mg each. Capsules are vegetarian friendly, consisting of only silica, vegetable stearate, and vegetable cellulose (capsule).
  • Containing silica puts this product lower in ingredient/quality scores as other top ranking berberine supplements do not contain it. Aside from containing silica, the brand is somewhat unknown in retail stores.
  • That’s a plus if you want to find cheap deals on berberine but many active supplement users  prefer higher quality brands due to their freshness and ability to produce supplements with less or no fillers or preservatives. Most people won’t care, but the hardline health conscious prefer a capsule without the silica.
  • Since berberine can be found in many herbs and plants, including barberry, its important to take only the highest quality herb you can find. Freshness and how the herb/plant was grown are big factors.

General Overview

  • Ingredient formula is pretty straight forward, nothing to hide.
  • Lots of seemingly positive reviews on amazon for its clean formula


  • Quality overall suffers based on the presence on silica and the brand being generally unknown outside of online sales which can be off putting to some.
  • Many negative user comments express the lack of potency which could be due to a number of things including herb quality.
  • A couple customers were upset over the sales marketing showing 1200 mg per serving confusing some customers because each capsule is 600 mg.
  • The bottle is made from plastic just like the ones you would find at any store like Walmart.

Quick Summary

Based on our reviews of beberine supplements, Sunergetic Berberine doesn’t seem like the obviously choice when it comes to herbal supplements. Its a newer brand, sells mostly online, but does a good job at keeping the quality higher than most other lower tier brands that you can find on amazon. Compared to our top berberine supplement, this product needs a bit of work. However, those in search of something cheap and consider themselves more experienced when it comes to herbs, then this may be something for you. Aside from that,  we would say stick to the better known brands, check out our top berberine ranking article and compared those to this one.

  • Vegetarian formula doesn’t use gelatin as its capsule.
  • Price is fairly competitive.

You are limited to buying this brand online, you won’t find it at your local wholefoods or organic whole food store. Its an okay choice if you need something cheap and are just looking to test something out, but if you are looking for the highest-tier of berberine supplements and money is not an issue, look else where as there are better products on the market.

The Details
This product passed all quality reviews and recorded 1200 mg of berberine HCL per serving.
Serving Size2 Capsules
Berberine/Serving1200 mg
Watchlist Ingredients
Quality ReviewPass

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