Gaia Herbs Astragalus Supreme

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  • Made from herbs that were cultivated on a certified organic farm in NC, USA
  • One of the more trusted supplement brands that produce effectively dosed supplements in the USA
  • Multi-ingredient formula that contains chisandra berry and ligustrum too
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Gaia Herbs Astragalus Supreme passed our quality tests and recorded an unknown amount of astragalus due to proprietary blend of additional herbs.

Ingredients Rating

Ingredients rating

Contains a proprietary blend of ingredients causing the rating to suffer slightly as most customers prefer to know how much of the herb they’re taking.
-Other ingredients include vegetable glycerin, water and vegan capsule (hypromellose)
-Vegan friendly capsules increases reach to customers on special diets

Effectiveness Rating

Effectiveness rating

-Contains a proprietary blend limiting customer knowledge of how much astragalus is actually in each capsule.
-One of the few brands to constantly test their products

Quality Rating

Quality rating

-High quality brand that can be found in most stores around the USA.
-The proprietary blend isn’t something you see normally from this brand and is most likely done to improve marketing effects of astragalus as it’s not as popular as some other supplements like turmeric, ginger or ashwagandha


Yes. This product is specifically made to friendly to most special diets including vegan.

Overall, the product is very solid. It comes from one of the better supplement brands out there right now. However, the proprietary blend of ingredients isn't something we like to see in a supplement.

Due to recent events the availability of Gaia Herbs Astragalus Supreme will be low for some time. You may find it at local vitamin stores, but odds are if the Amazon stock is out, so will the stock at most retail stores.

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