VH Nutrition Ashwagandha


The Details

One serving of VH Nutrition Ashwagandha contains 1350 mg of root extract.

Serving Size2 Capsules
Ashwagandha/Serving1350 mg
Withanolides Concentration
Watchlist Ingredients
Quality ReviewPass

Overall Rating

Overall, VH Nutrition Ashwagandha is an average ashwagandha supplement. It does some things okay, like having zero additional ingredients, keeping the profile clean, but it does use gelatin as its capsule base. It does use the more potent ashwagandha extract but fails to label the withanolides per serving making to harder for the customer to judge its effectiveness.


The product does pass our ingredient quality review, as it doesn’t use anything harmful or have additional fillers/additives. However, it does use gelatin capsules, lowering its overall score. When compared to other products on the market which do not use gelatin, it falls short when it comes to its overall ingredients.

  • Gelatin capsules, not vegetarian friendly
  • No fillers or additives
  • Just ashwagandha extract


Current studies on ashwagandha extract contain at least a 1.5% withanolides per serving. This product fails to show the amount of withanolides, leaving the user clueless.

Per serving this product does fall short of the required threshold.

  • One serving of VH Nutrition Ashwagandha contains 1350 mg of root extract, no withanolides on nutritional label.


The vh nutrition brand is still sort of new. Their website seems to be all over the place, pages still not fully filled in, using photos as text which isn’t done on many top ranking ashwagandha products. They don’t really have any certifications for this ashwagandha product either. Comes in a plastic bottle which isn’t what most top ranking products use, they use glass. When it comes down to it, it may be a better idea for customers to look at other products, especially when shopping online.

  • Brand does offer a 30 day money back guarantee.

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