NOW Foods Ashwagandha

NOW Foods Ashwagandha

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We spent 9.1 hours reading reviews from experts and users. In summary, this is the breakdown of our research:

6 Reasons To Buy

  • People have generally considered that the effectiveness of this extract to be strong and more potent than many other brands
  • The plant based capsules were welcomed by most consumers
  • A lot of reviewers were happy with the size of the capsules
  • A lot of users were happy with the effects on anxiety, stress, and mood.
  • Several users mentioned improvements in sleep quality
  • Purchasers were mostly happy with the affordable cost and availability of this product in most retail stores.

1 Reasons Not To Buy

  • A few consumers mentioned stomach distress from this supplement, stating that other brands did not have this negative effect for them.

Bottom Line

The overall reaction for NOW Foods Ashwagandha was positive. People were generally happy with this brands ashwagandha supplement. Consumers were pleased with the effectiveness of this product and were happy to see the capsules were plant based.

NOW Foods Ashwagandha is a ashwagandha extract that’s designed  to bring effective dosage at an affordable cost from a brand that is trusted by most users.

The Details

One serving of NOW Foods Ashwagandha recorded 450 mg of ashwagandha root extract containing 11 mg of withanolides (2.5%).

Serving Size1 Capsule
Ashwagandha/Serving450 mg
Withanolides/Serving11 mg
Withanolides Concentration2.5%
Watchlist Ingredients
Quality ReviewPass

Overall Rating

Overall, NOW Foods Ashwagandha is an affordable ashwagnadha that does have some good traits. Plant based capsules are a plus and having an effective active ingredient formula is good. However, it does contain rice flour as its capsule filler which is trouble some to many users.


Contains several ingredients that we deemed to low quality and unnecessary in most cases. Several of the top ranking ashwagandha products do not contain these ingredients thus making this product suffer in its ingredient score.

  • Other Ingredients: Hypromellose (cellulose capsule), Rice Flour and Magnesium Stearate (vegetable source).
  • Plant based capsules
  • No other ingredients besides ashwagandha extract in its active ingredient formula.


Current studies on ashwagandha show that a product containing extract should have at least 1.5% withanolides. Withanolides are said to be a key compound that may play a major role in this herb’s activity. 10 mg to 30 mg withanolides per serving is the range recommend.

Per serving this product does fall within the recommend dosage for full potential benefits.

  • One serving of this product recorded 450 mg of ashwagandha containing 11 mg of withanolides, a 2.5% concentration.
  • Does contain Rice Flour and Magnesium Stearate which can cause some stomach distress in some users.


NOW Ashwagandha Extract does well when it comes to quality. It has many certifications and uses plant based capsules. However, this product does contain Rice Flour and Magnesium Stearate, which can sometimes be bother some to many users. Thus it does suffer in its quality score for using these ingredients in its capsules. Many users prefer glass containers for their supplements, Now foods ashwagandha is held in a plastic container.

  • UL Dietary Supplement Certification
  • Plant based capsules
  • Adheres to both mandatory United States Food and Drug Administration (U.S. FDA) Current Good Manufacturing Practices (CGMP)
  • Triangle-K Kosher Certified product
  • Carefully screened to ensure the absence of genetically modified organisms, or GMOs
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