Isha Ashwagandha

Isha Ashwagandha

The Details

One serving of Isha Ashwagandha contains 500 mg of root powder.

Serving Size1 Capsule
Ashwagandha/Serving500 mg
Withanolides Concentration
Watchlist Ingredients
Quality ReviewPass

Overall Rating

Isha Ashwagandha offers an organic ashwagandha root powder inside vegetable based capsules. The brand does not list the amount of withanolides making it difficult to judge the overall quality and effectiveness. The certification is not USDA organic which may turn away many USA customers.


Product passes our quality review. No other ingredients in its formula, just ashwagandha and vegetable based capsules.

  • Vegetarian friendly
  • No fillers or additives
  • Just ashwagandha root


Research suggests root powder ashwagandha (like the one in this product) should contain at least 0.3% withanolides — key marker compounds which may also play a role in the herb’s activity.

Per serving this product falls short of the required threshold.

  • One serving of Isha Ashwagandha contains 500 mg of ashwagandha root.


This ashwagandha root is certified organic, however it does not bare the USDA organic certifications. The capsules are vegetable based which does boost its quality rating. No other fillers or additives, just ashwagandha.

  • Certified organic ashwagandha, however it is not USDA certified.
  • Vegetable based capsules
  • No fillers or additional ingredients in the formula
  • Plastic container

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