When is the best time to take arginine?

To really amplify and enjoy all the benefits arginine has to offer, you need to have proper knowledge of when the best time to take arginine is. Without knowing this you’ll be wasting a ton of time, wasting a ton of money, and worst of all, seeing no results.

Timing has to be the most critical aspect of taking arginine. The main reason a lot of athletes take arginine is due to its NO boosting properties.

Taking the right amount of arginine at the correct time everyday will lead to much better results and overall success with arginine.

The best time to take l-arginine

Before your workouts

Taking the correct amount of arginine 30-60 minutes before your workouts is the most optimal time according to research.

This will elevate the amount of nitric oxide with in your body.

Having higher levels of nitric oxide causes a healthy increase in blood flow and circulation. This allows for your blood vessels to carry more nutrients, oxygen, and anabolic hormones to your muscles.

Having this performance increase can really improve the workouts you have.

During your workouts you will experience awesome muscle pumps, have more muscle endurance (workout for longer with more intensity) and you’ll feel more energized.

After your workouts your body will still be able to sustain that increased nutrient and oxygen delivery for a short time which will boost recovery,increase muscle growth, reduce fatigue and muscle soreness.

After your workouts

Taking a second dose of arginine right after your workouts will allow you to increase your recovery, reduce muscle soreness, blunt post-workout fatigue, and kick start muscle growth.

With increased nutrient and oxygen delivery you can follow up your arginine supplementation with a whey protein shake to start fueling the recovery and muscle growth process even further.

Before bed

Taking arginine right before bed will help enhance muscle growth and fat burning. The GH boosting properties allow for better recovery and muscle growth.

First thing in the morning

Last but not least, taking arginine right when you get up can really help kick start your day.

Boosting NO levels first thing in the morning will provide you with more energy, increase blood flow, and ultimately make you feel ready to take on your day.

Empty Stomach

Arginine works best when taken on a empty stomach.

To work around post-workout meals, have your arginine ready to take as soon as you’re done working out.

Before a workout, take your arginine 60 minutes before you have your carbs/whey protein shake (if that is something you do)

Before bed, just take arginine as the last thing you do before bed.

In the morning, have your arginine ready to be supplemented. 30-60 minutes after that you can go ahead and have your breakfast.

Following a structure like we laid out in this article will give you the most benefit from your arginine supplement. You should start seeing benefits and results almost immediately.

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