8 Evidence-Based Health Benefits of Arginine

L-arginine is an effective amino acid that can provide extremely effective exercise and performance enhancing benefits.

Supplementation of arginine is very common among bodybuilders due to its effectiveness in boosting performance in the gym.

The performance benefits will vary from person to person. Below we go over the most important benefits that arginine supplementation can provide.

List of 8 L-arginine benefits:

    1. Increases Muscle Protein Synthesis
    2. Muscle Endurance
    3. Fatigue Reduction and Increased Recovery
    4. Increased Strength and Muscle Mass
    5. Blood flow and circulation
    6. Boosts Nictric oxide (NO)
    7. Bigger Muscle Pumps
    8. Erectile Dysfunction

Increases Muscle Protein Synthesis. Arginine has been shown to increase healthy tissue recovery, accelerated tissue repair and supported lean muscle growth over time.

Muscle Endurance. Studies show that since arginine improves NO levels in the body this can lead to less fatigue and more muscular endurance during exercise.

Fatigue Reduction and Increased Recovery. Arginine supplementation has been shown to help increase energy and help blunt fatigue. Improved recovery for faster and more effective training sessions, both during and after workouts.

Increased Strength and Muscle Mass. Arginine helps improve workout capacity. More intense workouts along with improved recovery can lead to better, more optimal muscle growth and strength gains in the long-term.

Blood flow and circulation. Arginine boosts nitric oxide levels which is known for widening blood vessels which allows for more blood flow. More circulation allows for faster, more effective nutrient and oxygen delivery to muscles

Boosts Nictric oxide (NO). Arginine is a precursor to NO which means it helps create more NO levels in the body. Higher NO levels leads to all of the benefits we listed above. More endurance, faster recovery, more energy, better muscle pumps.

Bigger Muscle Pumps. Improved blood flow will allow for your muscles to hold more water and blood. This will give you those skin bursting pumps which help stretch muscle fibers for more muscle growth.

Erectile Dysfunction. Arginine helps promote better circulation which improves blood flow. Studies have shown that arginine is successful in helping males with erectile dysfunction and increasing sperm production.