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Amyris Oil (Amyris balsamifera) is well known for its uplifting properties, shown to enhance imagination, boost creativity reduce stress, slow aging, relieve muscle tension, and alleviate anxiety.

  • Botanical Name: Amyris balsamifera
  • Extracted From:  Wood, bark
  • Color: Yellow, yellowish-brown
  • Aroma: Warm, woody, earthy. Undertones of wood and vanilla.
  • Aroma Strength: Mild
  • Benefits: Relieves anxiety, reduces stress, relieves muscle tension, improves creativity, boosts imagination
  • Beneficial For: Yoga, writing, artistry, meditation, musical practice, focusing
  • Uses:  Soaps, perfumes, creams, incense, candles, baths, saunas, aromatherapy, & as a fixative oil.
  • Common Extraction Method: Steam distilled
  • Constituent Composition: Valerianol, a-Eudesmol, Gamma-Eudesmol, Beta-eudesmol, Elemol

Amyris Essential Oil Benefits

Things to Know

Also Known As

Amyris balsamifera, West Indian sandalwood

Things to note

  • Amyris is said to be an aphrodisiac, helping with sexual tension.
  • Amyris oil can be applied topically after being diluted with a carrier oil.

“What ingredients should be in my amyris essential oil?”

Typically you’ll want to purchase an oil that only contains the ingredient Amyris.

“Why can’t I find an organic Amyris oil?”

Crafting organic oils is expensive. Amyris is a rare and not as widely known as some of the other oils. This causes brands to focus their organic efforts on oils that will sell faster.

“Do I have to dilute my Amyris oil?”

Yes. Amyris oil should be diluted with a carrier oil before being applied topically.

How To Use

Amyris essential oil requires dilution with a carrier prior to topical application.

  • Works very well for therapeutic massages
  • Not intended for oral ingestion

A couple drops is plenty for most oil burner or diffusers

  • Massage aromatherapy – 1 – 10 mL of amyris essential oil can be added to 25 mL of a carrier oil like olive, coconut or jojoba oil.
  • Aromatic – Diffuse three to four drops if any diffuser of your choice.