Our Reviewing Process

We find new products for reviewing.

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We find new products based on internet popularity, customer feedback, viewer outreach on social media, and market trends. Once we find a new category to review we spend a lot of time making sure we review every product we can find to ensure our viewers will always find what they are looking for.


We buy the products.

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After finding new products to review, we purchase these products mostly from amazon, but we do buy from retail stores like Wholefoods, Giant Eagle, Publix, GNC, The Vitamin Shoppe and any other store that might be selling products, even CVS, to ensure we review products from multiple sources just like anyone else would shop. Since starting, Onlinestrength has not accepted any samples from brands for reviewing.

We start the review process

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Every product is inspected and undergoes our strict quality review process. We pay close attention to the active ingredient in every product and cross reference our data with peer-reviewed research papers to ensure every product is of quality, effective, and using the best ingredients.

We generate rankings.

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After every product undergoes their individual review we compare them against each other and place them onto a list ranked in order from best to worst based on their final overall rating.

We publish our results for FREE.

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After everything is said and done, we hit the publish button. Everything is showcased to the public for FREE without any cost to the viewer whats so ever. Every product contains a detailed review that summarizes our findings.