Gaspari Superpump 3.0

Gaspari Superpump 3.0
Superpump 3.0

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The Details

Serving Size 1 Scoop (11g)
Price/Serving $1.02
Caffeine/Serving 200mg
Best Flavor Fruit Punch
SuperPump 3.0 Ingredients
Great Dosage Of Caffeine:

If you’re out to lose weight, caffeine supplementation could be what you need. Gaspari Superpump 3.0 comes with 200mg of caffeine per serving, which is the required amount to aid the body in fat-burning. Acute strength increases at around 500mg, taking more than one serving at a time is recommended for improved results. Although this could get pricey since you will be going through your pre workout at a much faster rate. Caffeine’s effects may not occur in those with a built up tolerance.

Creatine For A Variety Of Health Benefits:

Gaspari Superpump 3.0 is packed with 2,000mg of creatine per serving. Shown to increase strength and power output. Creatine is a heavily researched supplement, and highly recommended for fitness athletes. Staying hydrated will help avoid any side effects like muscle cramps.

Great Source Of Amino Acids And BCAAs:

Gaspari Superpump 3.0 is packed full of valuable amino acids; branched chain amino acids are essential for protein synthesis and  shown to increase muscle growth over time. BCAAs are necessary for a healthy muscular body; meats and eggs are one way to get them naturally without supplementation.

Mix-Ability Is Not An Issue:

Those looking for a dependable pre workout that is very soluble, Gaspari Superpump 3.0 may be the right solution. According to user reviews, this product has no problem when it comes to blending. A non-grainy texture will allow for much easier supplementation of your pre workout supplement.

The Bad

Missing A Few Effective Ingredients:

Gaspari Superpump 3.0 does have a variety of effective ingredients that boost the bodies ability to perform at a higher level; however, it does not incorporate L-citrulline, Rhodiola, betaine, or yohimbine. L-citrulline as a supplement has been shown to reduce fatigue and promotes endurance in prolonged exercise. Rhodiola is great for general fatigue and also has anti-stress properties. Typically you won’t find a pre workout with all of these ingredients, but a few like Neon sport and MuscleTech NeuroCore come close. However, those who prefer a cleaner, less ingredient packed pre workout, will find Superpump 3.0 as an excellent choice.

Not The Best Tasting:

Many pre workouts are made to not only to be super effective but also have a decent taste. Though not necessary for a supplement to be effective, it is very convenient as the taste makes supplementation easier. However, Gaspari Superpump 3.0 has recently hit the market with a couple of different flavors, those who have tried them, thus far, aren’t happy but it could be too early to tell based on user reviews alone.

Side Effects That May Occur:

It isn’t uncommon for different body types to react to differently to these supplements, however there are a few significant side effects that can occur.  Beta-alanine with higher doses causes a tingling sensation, completely harmless. Creatine if you are not hydrating enough will cause muscle cramps. Caffeine can affect sleep quality and may cause an increase in anxiety in some