Do I need a pre-workout supplement?

Even though it is not necessary, there are a variety of reasons why it’s a good idea to use pre workout supplements. If you’re in good health, pre workout supplements can help aid the body in a positive way. Ingredients normally found in these products are often overlooked, many of them can help the body push through plateaus in all aspects of training, from weight loss to muscle growth. Below are some popular reasons why athletes buy pre-workout supplements.

Top Reasons Athletes Use Pre Workout Supplements

Increase in overall strength and lean body mass. You may not be pushing yourself hard enough to see any muscle growth, which can make progress slow. Ingredients found in these products like Creatine and Caffeine help push you beyond your comfort zone. At the bare minimum, you should supplement creatine separately if you are not where you want to be in terms of strength and size.

Performance enhancements. Besides increasing power output and strength, the ingredients found in these products can help in other areas. Depending on what product you choose the results may vary but typically endurance, focus, energy, blood circulation and strength are aspects you can expect to see improvements in.

Easy supplementation of effective ingredients. You can buy all of the ingredients used to make these products separately. Instead of going through the hassle, some prefer the convenience that these products provide. Caffeine and Beta-alanine aren’t found on your everyday shopping list, many miss out on the easy access to improved endurance.

Pre workout supplements are inexpensive. Per serving, these products can cost less than a typical cup of coffee. If you’re someone who needs caffeine especially before the gym, pre workout supplements can be great alternatives to coffee.

Good way to form habits. Sometimes it is difficult to get up and go to the gym. Often it’s much easier to just skip a day when you’re feeling a bit tired or have no desire. Taking a supplement beforehand gets you in the mood and sets the pace for training. Eventually, you’ll develop a habit of hitting the gym every day and won’t need anything to get you going.

February 18, 2015