Benefits of CLA supplements

benefits of cla supplements
This isn’t a simple question to answer. Depending on your body and how well you follow proper supplementation can have a huge effect of how well CLA supplements work. Benefits may vary from person to person. CLA has been show to be very successful fat burning, weight loss, and even helping build more lean muscle and strength. Taking the best CLA supplement will help increase your chances of having positive benefits.

Here is a quick overview of the health benefits cla supplements have to offer:

Enhanced fat loss: CLA inhibits the enzyme lipoprotein lipase (LPL). LPL pulls fat cells out the bloodstream and stores it as body fat. This isn’t ideal because you’ll start to slowly pack on more body fat over time. Inhibiting LPL (which what cla does) encourages your body to burn the fat instead of storing it onto your body.

Increased metabolic rate: CLA has been shown to boost metabolic rate which can greatly increase your bodies ability to burn fat and shed unhealthy body weight.

Improved muscle growth and strength: Research shows that individuals who trained while supplementing CLA gained significantly more muscle mass and muscle strength when compared to individuals who didn’t supplement it at all.

Decreases muscle breakdown: Muscle breakdown is a huge problem because when your body runs out of nutrients it wants to start breaking down muscle fibers for additional energy. This is very common in individuals who are dieting and on a low calorie diet. CLA spares your muscle mass by using fat as an additional fuel source instead.

Reduces body fat: Individuals who supplemented CLA were shown lose and reduce body fat. Also a study showed that CLA helps maintain reductions in body fat and weight in the long term.

Powerful Anti-oxidant: Studies show that CLA supplements can help boost your bodies immune system which can protect against sickness. Colds are common in hard training individuals or those on weight loss diets due to increased stress on the body.  CLA has been shown to help reduce inflammation in the body.

Reduce the risk for heart disease: A study done by the The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition showed that CLA supplementation can help reduce the risk of heart disease.